Wroughton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Wroughton
Henry Wroughton
Thomas Wroughton
Albert Wroughton
Edward Wroughton
Arthur Wroughton
Harry Wroughton
William Wroughton
Walter Wroughton
David Wroughton
Luke Wroughton
Chardine Wroughton
Jno. Wroughton
Horace Wroughton
Geo. Wroughton
Willie Wroughton
Fred Wroughton
Whilly Wroughton
Ed. Wroughton
Philip Wroughton
Charles Wroughton
James Wroughton
Herbert Wroughton
Frederick Wroughton
Ephraim Wroughton
Edmund Wroughton
Theodore Wroughton

Top female forenames

Mary Wroughton
Sarah Wroughton
Eliza Wroughton
Lucy Wroughton
Lizzie Wroughton
Blanche Wroughton
Alice Wroughton
Louisa Wroughton
Arthur Wroughton
Hannah Wroughton
Anne Wroughton
Gracie Wroughton
A. Wroughton
Winifred Wroughton
Fanny Wroughton
Emma Wroughton
Pamela Wroughton
Mercie Wroughton
E.C. Wroughton
Donna Wroughton
Jane Wroughton
Annie Wroughton
H.M. Wroughton
Florence Wroughton
Sophia Wroughton
Evelyn Wroughton
Priscilla Wroughton
Ellen Wroughton
Muriel Wroughton
Edith Wroughton
Dorothy Wroughton
Constance Wroughton
Julia Wroughton

Top occupations

Lace Maker
School Mistress
Chapel Keeper
Pattern Maker
Labourer General
Lace Machine Holder
Lace Mender
Lace Warehouseman
Maker Up
Medical Student
Member Of Parliament
Plumber Master
Plumbers Widow
Preparing For India (Student)
Railway Checker
Sub Lieutenant
Wagon Builder
Cotton Weaver
Assist Mistress Of Workhouse Schools
Brass Winder (Lace)
Carter (6.2)
Char Woman
Clerk In Charge Of Office
Common Brewer
Cook (N D)
Laborer (Colliery)
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servant (Groom)
Drapers Shopman
Engineer At Foundry (Driver)
Glove Maker
Gunmakers Apprentice
Hosiery Trimmer
Iron Bedstead Trade (Apprentice)