About the British Surnames Website

This site was initially started as a caching copy of the Surname Profiler website created by University College London (UCL).

Following the transfer of the UCL site to its new home at National Trust Names (itself now defunct), UCL requested that their data was removed from britishsurnames.co.uk. This site was then rebuilt using data obtained from other sources, including public domain information, material available under redistributable licences and data used with permission by the suppliers.

The recreation of the data from re-useable sources is an ongoing project and there are still some significant chunks missing from the original version of the site. In time, it's hoped to restore the majority of these, but there are likely to be some areas where this is simply impossible. The main problem is that availability of public domain or freely-licensable data for current surname distributions (one of the main features of the original site and the UCL data) is very patchy, and comprehensive data is expensive to licence - too expensive for a site which has no income other than a small amount of advertising revenue. I have managed to obtain some data which allows the creation of basic surname distribution maps, although these are much less precise (and probably less accurate) than the originals.

Everything on this site is free to view, but if you like what you've seen then you could buy me a drink!

There is a separate page giving some more background information on the 1881 Census data.

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1881 Census data is Crown Copyright and used under licence. PSI Click-use licence number C2008002006.


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