Wroot in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Wroot
John Wroot
Arthur Wroot
George Wroot
Thomas Wroot
Charles Wroot
Alfred Wroot
Walter Wroot
James Wroot
Herbert Wroot
Henry Wroot
Cornelious Wroot
Wm. Wroot
Alexr. Wroot
Chas. Wroot
Thos. Wroot
Christopher Wroot
Samuel Wroot
Rye Wroot
Robert Wroot
Richard Wroot
Christr. Wroot
Ezra Wroot
Isaac Wroot
Edward Wroot
Edwin Wroot
Harry Wroot
Everatt Wroot
Geoffrey Wroot
Fredrick Wroot
Fredk.W. Wroot
Frances Wroot

Top female forenames

Mary Wroot
Sarah Wroot
Hannah Wroot
Susannah Wroot
Annie Wroot
Rose Wroot
Catherine Wroot
Eliza Wroot
Elizabeth Wroot
Gertrude Wroot
Jane Wroot
Henriette Wroot
Florence Wroot
Julia Wroot
Lilly Wroot
Margaret Wroot
Martha Wroot
Sussanah Wroot
Harriet Wroot
Alice Wroot
Emma Wroot
Emily Wroot
Ellen Wroot
Elana Wroot
Edith Wroot
Betsey Wroot
Bertha Wroot
Anne Wroot
Ann Wroot

Top occupations

Baker & Flour Assistant
Ag Lab
Farmer Wife
Works On Farm
Railway Clerk
Farmers Wife
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Retired Farmer
Pianoforte Maker Journeyman
Potatoe Buyer ? (... ...)
Railway Carriage Inspector (Other) (Off)
Railway Carriage Inspector (Other) (Off) Wife
Coffee House Keeper
Railway Coal Porter
Railway Coal Porter's Wife
Railway Labourer
Labourer Railway Co
School Master & Propr Of Boarding School
Sweetmeat Dealer & Farmer Of 2 Acres (Confectioner)
Wheelwright Apprentice
Wholesale Cooperative Society Manchester
Baker & Flour Dealer
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Servt Indoor
Farmer 162 Acres 1 Lab
Farmer Of 10 Acres & Innkeeper
Farmer Of 16 Acres
Farmer Of 30 Acres
Farmer Of 32 Acres
Farmer Of 7 Acres & Market Gardener
Farmer Of 79 Acres Employing 1 Labourer & 3 Boys
Living In Poor House
Domestic Servant
Grocers Daughter
Grocers Son
Joiner & Builder
Joiner & Builder Wife
Joiner (Apprentice)