Woolner in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Woolner
Henry Woolner
William Woolner
John Woolner
George Woolner
Richard Woolner
Thomas Woolner
Frederick Woolner
Edward Woolner
Charles Woolner
Alfred Woolner
Harry Woolner
Albert Woolner
Benjamin Woolner
Walter Woolner
Stephen Woolner
Frederic Woolner
Joseph Woolner
Arthur Woolner
Robert Woolner
Frank Woolner
Ernest Woolner
Hugh Woolner
Geoffrey Woolner
Sidney Woolner
Noah Woolner
Martin Woolner
David Woolner
Cyril Woolner
Ishmael Woolner
Wm. Woolner
Geo. Woolner
Robt. Woolner
Mary Woolner
Dixon Woolner
Daniel Woolner

Top female forenames

Mary Woolner
Elizabeth Woolner
Emma Woolner
Ellen Woolner
Sarah Woolner
Eliza Woolner
Charlotte Woolner
Harriet Woolner
Emily Woolner
Alice Woolner
Martha Woolner
Florence Woolner
Kate Woolner
Ann Woolner
Maria Woolner
Esther Woolner
Catherine Woolner
Annie Woolner
Amelia Woolner
Agnes Woolner
Jessie Woolner
May Woolner
Elizth. Woolner
Jane Woolner
Harriett Woolner
Betsy Woolner
Rosa Woolner
Katey Woolner
Elizh. Woolner
N.A. Woolner
Ada Woolner
Honor Woolner
Caroline Woolner
Marion Woolner
Gwendolen Woolner
Winifred Woolner
Bessie Woolner
Sophie Woolner
Augusta Woolner
Margaret Woolner
Anna Woolner
Lara Woolner
Phoebe Woolner
Amy Woolner
Kathleen Woolner
Ordey Woolner
Millicent Woolner
Adeline Woolner
Clara Woolner
Matilda Woolner

Top occupations

Agl Labourer
General Labourer
In Receipt Of Parish Relief
Labourer In Ironworks
General Serv
Currier Leather
Boiler Attendant
Milliner (2 C)
Ag Lab
Laborer (Ag)
Domestic Servant
Agr Lab
Cook Domestic Serv
Coachman Son
Engineers Lab & Pensioner Navy
Cook (Dom Serv)
Corn Factor
Corporal R A
Cotton Piecer
Carpenter & Joiner
Dress Maker
Drapers Assistant
A B Seaman
Ag Lab Wife
Assist At Home
Assistant Housekeeper
Asst Mistress
Boot Maker
Boy At Printing Works
Brewers Laborer & Beer House Keeper
Carting Agents Wife
Butchers Labourer
Cab Proprietor
Carpenter Journeyman
Carpenters Apprentice