Willy in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Willy
John Willy
William Willy
Robert Willy
James Willy
Henry Willy
George Willy
Samuel Willy
Edward Willy
Joseph Willy
Charles Willy
Arthur Willy
Ambrose Willy
Frank Willy
Walter Willy
Albert Willy
Ernest Willy
Fredk. Willy
Alfred Willy
Frederick Willy
Tom Willy
Isaac Willy
Ambros Willy
Mathew Willy
Fredick Willy
W. Willy
Alexander Willy
Thos.Percy Willy
Abel Willy
Felix Willy
Stephen Willy
J. Willy
Edwin Willy
Horace Willy
Eber Willy
Richard Willy
Percy Willy
Gilbert Willy
Northcote Willy
Geo. Willy
Maurice Willy
Joshua Willy
Francis Willy
Jacob Willy
Sidney Willy
Herbert Willy
E.A.R. Willy
Ralph Willy
Harry Willy
C. Willy

Top female forenames

Mary Willy
Sarah Willy
Elizabeth Willy
Emily Willy
Ellen Willy
Harriet Willy
Kate Willy
Jane Willy
Florence Willy
Alice Willy
Charlotte Willy
Emma Willy
Elizth. Willy
Ann Willy
Fanny Willy
Jessie Willy
Isabella Willy
Margaret Willy
Annie Willy
Eliza Willy
Julia Willy
Catherine Willy
Maria Willy
Bertha Willy
Lucy Willy
Anne Willy
Laura Willy
Maud Willy
Susan Willy
Anna Willy
Grace Willy
Rhoda Willy
Edith Willy
F. Willy
Matilda Willy
Adela Willy
Esther Willy
Marthe Willy
Jemima Willy
A. Willy
Marie Willy
Caroline Willy
Iseble Willy
Ida Willy
Susannah Willy
M. Willy
Avis Willy
Helena Willy
Sophia Willy
Eleanor Willy

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farmer Son Scholar
Farmer Daur
Ag Lab
Farm Labourer
Boat Owner (In Nav Serv)
Assistant Draper
Domestic Servant
Farmers Wife
Millwright Daughter
Packing Case
French Polisher
Inmate of Almshouse & Upholstress
Gas Fitter & Brass Worker
Farmers Son
Furnis Lung Undertaker
Cabinet Maker
Farmer 220 Employs 6 Men 2 Boys
Farm Laborer
Draper Landowner
Drapers Assistant
Dress Maker
Assistant Clerk To Justices Manchester City Police Court (Munic)
Wol Weav
Comml Clerk Export Packers
Coal Agent
Cloth Burler
Clerk Wine Trade
Clergyman (Unemp)
Clay Modeller
Cemetery Lodge Keeper
Boot Fitter
Boiler Coverer