Vimpany in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Edmund Vimpany
Daniel Vimpany
William Vimpany
Percy Vimpany
Jesse Vimpany
Edmond Vimpany
Richard Vimpany
Alfred Vimpany
Thomas Vimpany
Henry Vimpany
Frederick Vimpany
Edward Vimpany
Amos Vimpany
Thornton Vimpany
John Vimpany
Herbert Vimpany
Harry Vimpany
Ernest Vimpany

Top female forenames

Sarah Vimpany
Eliza Vimpany
Mary Vimpany
Kate Vimpany
Frances Vimpany
Edith Vimpany
Annie Vimpany
Ann Vimpany
Martha Vimpany
Lois Vimpany
Isabella Vimpany
Emily Vimpany
Bessie Vimpany
Anna Vimpany
Susan Vimpany
Louisa Vimpany
Elizabeth Vimpany

Top occupations

Farmer & Dairyman
Farmer of 100 Acres 2 Men & 1 Boy
Farmer of 172 Acres 2 Men 1 Boy
Farmer Of 218 Acres Employing 6 Men & 1 Woman
Farmer Wife
Farmers Son
Farmers Widow
House Keeper Dom
No Occupation
Publican & Watchmaker
Retired Lady
Watch & Clock Maker