Vamplew in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Vamplew
John Vamplew
George Vamplew
Joseph Vamplew
James Vamplew
Henry Vamplew
Charles Vamplew
Edward Vamplew
Arthur Vamplew
Fred Vamplew
Timothy Vamplew
Daniel Vamplew
Robt. Vamplew
Francis Vamplew
Edmund Vamplew
Samuel Vamplew
Robert Vamplew
Isaac Vamplew
Harry Vamplew
Frederick Vamplew
Frank Vamplew

Top female forenames

Mary Vamplew
Alice Vamplew
Sarah Vamplew
Emma Vamplew
Eliza Vamplew
Annie Vamplew
Kate Vamplew
Hannah Vamplew
Elizabeth Vamplew
Charlotte Vamplew
Ann Vamplew
Rebecca Vamplew
Ellen Vamplew
Caroline Vamplew
Harriett Vamplew
Susanna Vamplew
Fanny Vamplew
Olive Vamplew
Matilda Vamplew
Elisabeth Vamplew
Lucy Vamplew
Keya Vamplew
Betsy Vamplew
Jane Vamplew
Harriet Vamplew
Gertrude Vamplew
Sophia Vamplew
Ethel Vamplew
Nellie Vamplew
Edith Vamplew
Louisa Vamplew

Top occupations

Labourer At Colliery (C M)
Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Ag Lab Wife
Ag Lab Dau
Kings Arms Tap Manager Wife
Kings Arms Tap Manager (Publican)
Labourer Wife
Labouring Boy On Farm
Machinest Wife
Man (No Occ)
Farmer Wife
Printer Compositor
Shoe Maker (Apprentice)
Waggoner (Ag Lab)
Waggoner Wife
Worsted Weaver
Cook Dom Ser
Ag Lab (Garthman)
Ag Lab Widow
Agr Laborer
Agr Labr
Agricultl Machinist (Attendant)
Agricultural Labourer
Agricultural Machine (Owner)
Agricultural Wife
At Home
Colliery Labourer
General Servant Domestic
Corn Factor
Corn Factor Wife
Dom Serv
Farm Labourer
Farm Of 6 Acres
Farm Servant
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer 12 Acres
Gen Serv Domestic