Tod in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Tod
William Tod
James Tod
George Tod
Alexander Tod
Henry Tod
Thomas Tod
Robert Tod
David Tod
Frederick Tod
Alfred Tod
Francis Tod
Marcus Tod
Charles Tod
Andrew Tod
Herbert Tod
Harvey Tod
Adam Tod
Wilfred Tod
Sandy Tod
Peter Tod
Ewen Tod
Noel Tod
Edward Tod
Mark Tod
Daniel Tod
Joshua Tod
Archibald Tod
Albert Tod
Grant Tod
Fredk. Tod
Percy Tod
Edwin Tod
Nicholas Tod

Top female forenames

Mary Tod
Margaret Tod
Emma Tod
Edith Tod
Gertrude Tod
Emily Tod
Annie Tod
Ann Tod
Agnes Tod
Elizabeth Tod
Jane Tod
Harriet Tod
Isabella Tod
Amy Tod
Ellen Tod
Eliza Tod
Rebecca Tod
Ada Tod
Martha Tod
Charlotte Tod
Louisa Tod
Christina Tod
Helen Tod
Anne Tod
Madeline Tod
Georgina Tod
Lousie Tod
Susannah Tod
Alice Tod
Lizzie Tod
Sarah Tod
Aggie Tod
Leonora Tod
Jessie Tod
Matilda Tod
Isaline Tod
Constance Tod
Hellen Tod
Marie Tod
Magdalene Tod
Lucy Tod
Georgiana Tod
Amelia Tod
Susan Tod
Letitia Tod
Roberta Tod
Adelaide Tod
Kate Tod
Eleanor Tod
Priscilla Tod

Top occupations

Machinist Tailor Coates
General Servant
Coach Builder
Teacher English Instruct (Sch)
Book Binder
Scholar Orphan
Agl Labourer
Paint Brush Maker
General Laborer Soap (Sopery Works)
Farmer Of 650 Acres Employing 10 Men 2 Boys
Farm Bailiff (Out Of Employ)
Farm Bailif
Engineer Fitter
Engineer At Factory (E & M)
Glass Painter (Manuf)
Income From Investments
Income Derived From Railway Funds
In Pensioner
Housemaid Dom Serv
Bankers Correspondent
House Decorator
Wood Turner
East India Merchant
Dress Maker
Comm Traveller
Coml Clerk
Capt Indian Army Retired
Braid Tenter
Boy 2nd Class
Baker Retired
Commercial Clerk
Comml Traveller
Domestic Servant
Domestic Ser
Dispenser (S M S)
Dentists Wife
Dentist L.D.S. R.C.S.England
Customs Officer
Cotton Broker
Confectioners Assist