Tirrell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Tirrell
William Tirrell
Charles Tirrell
Thomas Tirrell
Joseph Tirrell
George Tirrell
James Tirrell
Henry Tirrell
Alfred Tirrell
Samuel Tirrell
Harry Tirrell
Levi Tirrell
Arthur Tirrell
Reuben Tirrell
Jesse Tirrell
Willm. Tirrell
Jacob Tirrell
Alice Tirrell
Albert Tirrell
Sidney Tirrell
Geoffrey Tirrell
Robert Tirrell
Frederick Tirrell
Frank Tirrell
Fhilip Tirrell
Jonathan Tirrell
Ebenezer Tirrell
Job Tirrell
Bryan Tirrell
Archibald Tirrell
Stanley Tirrell
Fredk. Tirrell
Richard Tirrell
Fred Tirrell
Lewis Tirrell
Francis Tirrell
Ernest Tirrell

Top female forenames

Mary Tirrell
Sarah Tirrell
Eliza Tirrell
Elizabeth Tirrell
Jane Tirrell
Caroline Tirrell
Martha Tirrell
Ann Tirrell
Emily Tirrell
Alice Tirrell
Florence Tirrell
Emma Tirrell
Louisa Tirrell
Ellen Tirrell
Rose Tirrell
Annie Tirrell
Amelia Tirrell
Zillah Tirrell
Georgina Tirrell
Esther Tirrell
Lucy Tirrell
Lavinia Tirrell
Elizth. Tirrell
Ada Tirrell
Julia Tirrell
Isabella Tirrell
Charlotte Tirrell
Susannah Tirrell
Harriet Tirrell
Gertrude Tirrell
Betsey Tirrell
Maude Tirrell
Ethel Tirrell
Anna Tirrell
Maria Tirrell
Adah Tirrell
Laura Tirrell
Edith Tirrell
Harriett Tirrell
Catherine Tirrell
Grace Tirrell
Betsy Tirrell
Minnie Tirrell
Bessie Tirrell
Maud Tirrell
Fanny Tirrell
Anne Tirrell

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Servt Domestic
Domestic Servant
Lace Maker
Footman Domestic Serv
Gardener Labourer (ND)
Farmer Of 340 Acres Employing 9 Laborers & 2 Boys
General Hawker
Drapers Assistant
Farmer (507 Acres 8 Men & 3 Boys)
General Serv Domes
Genral Serv Domes
Governess (Teacher)
Grocers Porter
Grocers Shopman
Groom (Dom Groom)
House Maid
Ironstone Labourer
Journeyman Baker
Kitchen Maid
(Farmers Son)
Ag Labourer
Agric Laborer
Agricultural Labourer
Brewers Labourer
Brewers Traveller
Bricklayers Laborer
Button Holer In Collars Seamstress
Farmer & Grazier Of 350 Acres Employing 4 Men & 2 Boys
Chemist Apprentice
Coachman Dom Serv
Cook Domestic Serv
Dom Serv Housemaid
Domestic Servt
Drapers Apprentice
Factory Labourer