Tiptaft in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Edward Tiptaft
Thomas Tiptaft
William Tiptaft
Alfred Tiptaft
Ernest Tiptaft
Herbert Tiptaft
James Tiptaft
Robert Tiptaft
Robt.T. Tiptaft

Top female forenames

Agnes Tiptaft
Ann Tiptaft
Betty Tiptaft
Cathe. Tiptaft
Emiley Tiptaft
Emily Tiptaft
Judith Tiptaft
Mary Tiptaft
Maud Tiptaft
Patience Tiptaft
Sarah Tiptaft

Top occupations

Bank Clerk
Cabinet Maker
Chemist Registered Dentist
Druggist Wife
Farm Bailiff
Farmer 140 Acres
Farmer Of 130 Acres
Farmers Daughter
Land Agents Clerk
No Occupation
Silver Plate Design & Engraving
Waistcoat Maker