Tewson in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Tewson
John Tewson
Joshua Tewson
Frederick Tewson
Edward Tewson
Thomas Tewson
Henry Tewson
James Tewson
Harry Tewson
Charles Tewson
George Tewson
Frank Tewson
Edwin Tewson
Walter Tewson
Bunan Tewson
Jonathan Tewson
Alfred Tewson
Frances Tewson
Robert Tewson
Percy Tewson
Joseph Tewson
Arthur Tewson
Herbert Tewson
Hartley Tewson
Roland Tewson
Ernest Tewson
Richd. Tewson

Top female forenames

Mary Tewson
Elizabeth Tewson
Emma Tewson
Sarah Tewson
Ann Tewson
Emily Tewson
Annie Tewson
Selina Tewson
Rosina Tewson
Harriet Tewson
Edith Tewson
Anne Tewson
Harriett Tewson
Alice Tewson
Rose Tewson
Florence Tewson
Ada Tewson
Minnie Tewson
Marks Tewson
Elizth. Tewson
Lucy Tewson
Eliza Tewson
Lizzie Tewson
Clara Tewson
L. Tewson
Caroline Tewson
Jane Tewson
Ida Tewson
Agnes Tewson
Rebecca Tewson
Fides Tewson
Lydia Tewson
Louisa Tewson
Lillie Tewson
Catherine Tewson
Janet Tewson
Betsey Tewson
Sophia Tewson
Isabella Tewson

Top occupations

Scholar (Student)
Lab Ag
Laborer In Iron Works
Silk Mill Hand
Genl Serv Domestic
General Labourer
Gilder & Picture Restorer
Hospital Porter
Iron Turner
Ironstone Miner
Lab Genl
Labr At Biscuit Factory
Lace Maker
Miller Carter Carman
No Employment
No Occupation
Office Boy
Packer Of Cloth Goods (Cott Manuf)
Private Coldstream Gds
Quarryman (Stone)
Collar Machinist (Shirt Mfg)
(Nurse Maid Domestic)
Ag Lab
Assistant In Fathers Shop (Pawnbroker)
Auctioneer & House Agent
Auctioneer Valuer
Boots At Hotel
Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer Dealer In China & Antiquities
Cabinet Makers Wife
Coachman (Private) (D)
(Ag Lab)
Domestic Servt
Estate Agent
Farm Labourer
Farm Servant Indoor
Farmer Of 95 Acres Employing 2 Men And 1 Boy
Farmers Wife
Formerly Farmer