Taylour in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Taylour
John Taylour
Thomas Taylour
Henry Taylour
Alfred Taylour
James Taylour
George Taylour
Edward Taylour
Albert Taylour
Francis Taylour
Charles Taylour
Randall Taylour
Frank Taylour
Ernest Taylour
Edw. Taylour
Timothy Taylour
Richard Taylour
Ralph Taylour

Top female forenames

Sarah Taylour
Mary Taylour
Jane Taylour
Ann Taylour
Alice Taylour
Ellen Taylour
Lucy Taylour
Ada Taylour
Henrietta Taylour
Ethel Taylour
Emily Taylour
Elizabeth Taylour
Matilda Taylour
Edith Taylour
Margret Taylour
Betsy Taylour
Madeline Taylour
Amy Taylour
Kezia Taylour
Adelaid Taylour
Hetty Taylour
Hariet Taylour
Emma Taylour
Virginia Taylour
May Taylour
Edward Taylour
Clara Taylour
Margaret Taylour

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Warehouse Porter
Iron Founder
Waterman Lighterman
Plate Layer
Plate Layer Wife
Prentice Shoe Maker
Publican (Gate Inn)
Ship Broker
Soldier In 1 Batt 10th Regt
Sugar Boiler
House Maid Domestic
House Keeper (Dom)
Hammer Broker (Blksmith)
General Serant
General Laborer
General Domestic Serv
Fur Sewer
Fur Liner
Fur Cutter (Unemployed)
Farm Servent Out Of Employ (Ag Lab)
Engravers Apprentice (Artizan)
Cotton Spinner
Brewers Apprentice
Bakers Assistant