Smitham in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Smitham
William Smitham
Thomas Smitham
Richard Smitham
George Smitham
James Smitham
Paul Smitham
Joseph Smitham
Matthew Smitham
Henry Smitham
Samuel Smitham
Edwin Smitham
Charles Smitham
Robert Smitham
Albert Smitham
Willm. Smitham
Ernest Smitham
Walter Smitham
Daniel Smitham
Arthur Smitham
Matthias Smitham
Harry Smitham
Frederick Smitham

Top female forenames

Mary Smitham
Elizabeth Smitham
Sarah Smitham
Jane Smitham
Ellen Smitham
Annie Smitham
Grace Smitham
Fanny Smitham
Elisabeth Smitham
Edith Smitham
Susan Smitham
Hannah Smitham
Eliza Smitham
Mitilldia Smitham
Alice Smitham
Mercy Smitham
A.Ann Smitham
Emma Smitham
Mabel Smitham
Louise Smitham
Wilmot Smitham
Kezia Smitham
Christiana Smitham
Sophia Smitham
Hephzibah Smitham
Beatrice Smitham
Rachael Smitham
Amelia Smitham
Minnie Smitham
Francis Smitham
Alfreda Smitham
Matida Smitham
Eva Smitham
Marie Smitham
Lousia Smitham
Laura Smitham
Elisa Smitham
Whilmetta Smitham
Jenifer Smitham
Clara Smitham
Suphemia Smitham
Hope Smitham
Christian Smitham
Harriett Smitham

Top occupations

Tin Miner
Farm Labourer
Tin Miners Wife
Ag Lab
Tin Dresser
Lead Mining Agent (Mine Serv)
Labourer (Ag)
F Work Knitter
Domestic Servant
Coal Miner
Master House Painter Employing 4 Men
Black & White Smith
Labourer (Dock)
Labourer General
Billiard Marker
Lander At Tin Mine
Lander At Tin Mines Wife
Lead Mining Agent (M Serv)
Lodging House Keeper
Kennel Huntsman
Private 6th Brigade Depot
Agent In Iron Works
Rly Guard
Sadler Wife
Agent At Engine Works
(Lead Mining Agent Daur)
Carpenters (Apprentice)
Deliverer Of Coals &C (Carman)
Domestic (Home)
Worsted Weaver
Cotton Doubler
Domestic Servt
Dress Maker
Engine Cleaner Railway
Engine Fitter
Certificated Teacher
Historical Painter (Artist)
Home Domestic
Iron Miner
Iron Turner
Ironmongers Clerk
Bricklayers Labourer