Slingsby in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Slingsby
William Slingsby
George Slingsby
Thomas Slingsby
Charles Slingsby
James Slingsby
Arthur Slingsby
Henry Slingsby
Joseph Slingsby
Alfred Slingsby
Frederick Slingsby
David Slingsby
Samuel Slingsby
Edward Slingsby
Harry Slingsby
Thos. Slingsby
Frank Slingsby
Walter Slingsby
Ernest Slingsby
Albert Slingsby
Jonathan Slingsby
Herbert Slingsby
Robert Slingsby
Fred Slingsby
Wm. Slingsby
Abraham Slingsby
Edwin Slingsby
Peter Slingsby
Joshua Slingsby
Richard Slingsby
Philip Slingsby
Dennis Slingsby
Fredk. Slingsby
Benjamin Slingsby
Harold Slingsby
Edmund Slingsby
Stephen Slingsby
Clement Slingsby
Tom. Slingsby
Eli Slingsby
Haddley Slingsby
Matthew Slingsby
Geo.Wm. Slingsby
Edmond Slingsby
Josh Slingsby
Fredrick Slingsby
Stewart Slingsby
Springfield Slingsby
Cooper Slingsby
Jno.William Slingsby

Top female forenames

Mary Slingsby
Elizabeth Slingsby
Sarah Slingsby
Hannah Slingsby
Jane Slingsby
Emma Slingsby
Martha Slingsby
Fanny Slingsby
Ann Slingsby
Alice Slingsby
Annie Slingsby
Emily Slingsby
Maria Slingsby
Edith Slingsby
Ellen Slingsby
Eliza Slingsby
Florence Slingsby
Charlotte Slingsby
Ada Slingsby
Gertrude Slingsby
Anne Slingsby
Louisa Slingsby
Margaret Slingsby
Lydia Slingsby
Matilda Slingsby
Susannah Slingsby
Kate Slingsby
Rose Slingsby
Frances Slingsby
Grace Slingsby
Amy Slingsby
Caroline Slingsby
Harriet Slingsby
Nancy Slingsby
Clara Slingsby
Ethel Slingsby
Catherine Slingsby
Harriett Slingsby
Minnie Slingsby
Ruth Slingsby
Lucy Slingsby
Violet Slingsby
H. Slingsby
Maud Slingsby
Betsy Slingsby
Bertha Slingsby
Georgiana Slingsby
Priscilla Slingsby
Amelia Slingsby
Lily Slingsby

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Worsted Spinner
Stone Quarrier
Worsted Weaver
Domestic Servant
Agr Lab
Cotton Spinner
Quarryman (Stone)
General Servant
Factory Operative (Tex)
Housemaid Dom Serv
Moulders Apprentice (I)
Weaver (Worsted)
Joiner Journeyman
Cabinet Maker
Cotton Shirt Maker
Warp Dresser (Worsted)
Steel Melter
Spinner Worsted
Farmer Of 935 Acres Employing 19 Labourers & 8 Boys
(F Son)
Railway Porter
Flax Work Lab
Gen Serv
Gen Servant
Woolen Overlooker
Furnace Man (Iron)
Worsted Drawer
Worsted Power Loom Weaver
Farm Labourer Past Work
House Duty
Ale & Porter Merchant Employs 2 Men
Apprentice To Tinsmith
Worsted Weaving Overlooker