Sharps in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Sharps
Thomas Sharps
George Sharps
John Sharps
Richard Sharps
Robert Sharps
Henry Sharps
Harry Sharps
Frederick Sharps
Herbert Sharps
James Sharps
Francis Sharps
Joseph Sharps
Ralph Sharps
Thos. Sharps
Samuel Sharps
S. Sharps
Willm. Sharps
Stephen Sharps
Robt.E. Sharps
Robt. Sharps
Alexander Sharps
Lewis Sharps
Hugh Sharps
H.T. Sharps
H. Sharps
Frank Sharps
Edward Sharps
David Sharps
Cornelius Sharps
Ambrose Sharps

Top female forenames

Sarah Sharps
Mary Sharps
Ann Sharps
Annie Sharps
Margaret Sharps
Alice Sharps
Ellen Sharps
Elizabeth Sharps
Caroline Sharps
Martha Sharps
Eliza Sharps
Maud Sharps
Emma Sharps
Edith Sharps
Fanny Sharps
Gertrude Sharps
Hannah Sharps
Sophia Sharps
Emily Sharps
Lilian Sharps
Julia Sharps
Kate Sharps
Susannah Sharps
Lucy Sharps
Maggie Sharps
May Sharps
Mildred Sharps
Milly Sharps
Nora Sharps
Susanna Sharps
Ada Sharps
Eleanor Sharps
Agnes Sharps
Annette Sharps
Anogie Sharps
Barbara Sharps
Betty Sharps
C. Sharps
Clara Sharps
Edna Sharps
Jessie Sharps
Elinor Sharps
Elizebeth Sharps
Elsie Sharps
Elvina Sharps
Emelia Sharps
Emiley Sharps
Harriet Sharps
Jane Sharps

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Gen Lab
Cotton Operative
Drapers Assistant
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
General Servant
Colliery Lab
Pupil Teacher
Pupil Teacher (P Teacher)
Owner Of House Land Etc
Pupil Teacher (School Master)
Nurse Girl Domestic
Minder In Cotton Mill
No Occupation
Servant Domestic
Millers Wife
Millers Son
Miller Employing Six Men
Miller Employing 3 Men
Master (Barge)
Lodging House Keeper
Labourer (Iron)
Tea Dealer
Wife Of Ag Lab
Wife Barge
Weaver (C)
Watermans Wife
Waterman Wife
Waterman On River
Warehouseman & Draper
Reeler In Cotton Mill
Smiths Labourer
Shoemakers Wife
Shoeing Smith Master Employing 1 Man
Servent (Farm)
Servant To Rectory
Hat Shape Maker
Seaman A B
Char Woman
Driller Factory (E & M)