Scotford in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Scotford
George Scotford
John Scotford
James Scotford
Alfred Scotford
Robert Scotford
Andrew Scotford
Henry Scotford
Thomas Scotford
Samuel Scotford
Louis Scotford
Willm.J. Scotford
Albert Scotford
Wilfred Scotford
Walter Scotford
Ruben Scotford
Richard Scotford
Reuben Scotford
Daniel Scotford
Lambert Scotford
Joseph Scotford
Arthur Scotford
Jesse Scotford
Charls. Scotford
Harry Scotford
Clement Scotford
Frank Scotford
David Scotford

Top female forenames

Mary Scotford
Eliza Scotford
Alice Scotford
Ann Scotford
Sarah Scotford
Margaret Scotford
Emily Scotford
Harriet Scotford
Amelia Scotford
Annie Scotford
Caroline Scotford
Rebecca Scotford
Lucretia Scotford
Lydia Scotford
Maria Scotford
Martha Scotford
Matilda Scotford
Mily Scotford
Rachel Scotford
Jane Scotford
Ruth Scotford
Shiprah Scotford
Thomas Scotford
Louisa Scotford
Lavina Scotford
Katherine Scotford
Julia Scotford
Adelaide Scotford
Henrietta Scotford
Helen Scotford
Flora Scotford
Fanny Scotford
Eunice Scotford
Ellen Scotford
Elizabeth Scotford
Clara Scotford
Cassandra Scotford
Agness Scotford

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Sign And Glass Writer
Artificial Fly Dresser (Fish Tackle)
Spring Knife Cutler (Finisher)
Housemaid (Domestic Servant)
Housemaid Domestic
Nurse (S M)
Iron Founder
Labourer (Farm)
General Servant: Cook
Labourer In (Stone) Quarry
Laundress Assistant
Masons Labourer
General Dealer
Plate Layer
Printers Messenger
Sick Nurse (SMS)
Stone Quarryman
Table Knife Grinder
Warehouseman Carpets
Wife Of Labourer
Contractor Wife
Agriculr Labr
Artificial Florist
Artificial Flydresser
Cabinet Maker
Carpenter And Wheelwright
Chandler & School Assistant (Tallow)
Cloth Worker
Commercial Traveller
General Servant Housemaid
Cook (Dom)
Cook (Domestic Servant)
Errand Boy
Farm Laborer
Farm Servant (Ag)
Fish Tackle Maker
Fly Dresser
Gen Serv (Inn)
Agl Lab