Scoot in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Scoot
George Scoot
William Scoot
Thomas Scoot
Henry Scoot
James Scoot
Alfred Scoot
Harry Scoot
Frederick Scoot
Edward Scoot
Fred Scoot
Herbert Scoot
Daniel Scoot
Job Scoot
Clement Scoot
Joseph Scoot
Martin Scoot
Moss Scoot
Robert Scoot
Auther Scoot
Thos. Scoot
Walter Scoot
Wilfred Scoot
Arthur Scoot

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Scoot
Mary Scoot
Ann Scoot
Sarah Scoot
Agnes Scoot
Alice Scoot
Susan Scoot
Ada Scoot
Margaret Scoot
Eliza Scoot
Clara Scoot
Annie Scoot
Edith Scoot
Ellen Scoot
Emily Scoot
Emma Scoot
Eva Scoot
Fanny Scoot
Harriet Scoot
Jane Scoot
Lizzie Scoot
Martha Scoot
Betsy Scoot
Maud Scoot
Anne Scoot

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Malt Maker
Coal Miner
Straw Plaiter
1st Engineer
Stableman (D)
Poultry Dealer & Farmers G Son
Pen & Pocket Knife Grinder
Maltmaker And Publican
Laundry Woman
Iron Yard Labourer
Genl Servant Domestic
General Laborer
Foreman Baker
Farm Labourer
Errand Boy
Domestic Serv
Cook (Dom)
Cloth Weaver
Cabinet Maker
Apprentice Shoe
Ag Labr