Rumball in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Rumball
William Rumball
Henry Rumball
James Rumball
John Rumball
Alfred Rumball
Frederick Rumball
Thomas Rumball
Charles Rumball
Arthur Rumball
Herbert Rumball
Walter Rumball
Ernest Rumball
Barnard Rumball
Sidney Rumball
Fredk. Rumball
Aubrey Rumball
Robt. Rumball
Fred Rumball
Maurice Rumball
Francis Rumball
Lionel Rumball
Eli Rumball
Edward Rumball
Isaac Rumball
Daniel Rumball
Stuart Rumball
Bernard Rumball
Somner Rumball
Fredk.W. Rumball
Augustus Rumball
Sampson Rumball
Robert Rumball
Frank Rumball
Louis Rumball
Joseph Rumball
Edwin Rumball
Edith Rumball
Hubert Rumball
Dan Rumball
Chancellor Rumball
Stewart Rumball
Geo. Rumball

Top female forenames

Mary Rumball
Elizabeth Rumball
Sarah Rumball
Emily Rumball
Jane Rumball
Emma Rumball
Edith Rumball
Annie Rumball
Rosa Rumball
Eliza Rumball
Caroline Rumball
Rose Rumball
Esther Rumball
Minnie Rumball
Elizth. Rumball
Florence Rumball
Fanny Rumball
Ann Rumball
Alice Rumball
Hannah Rumball
Lilley Rumball
Amy Rumball
Laura Rumball
Maryanne Rumball
Ada Rumball
Julia Rumball
Martha Rumball
Marian Rumball
Henrietta Rumball
Zillah Rumball
Maggie Rumball
Harriett Rumball
Sophy Rumball
Elenor Rumball
Louise Rumball
Hanah Rumball
Shavack Rumball
Clara Rumball
Livsey Rumball
S.J. Rumball
Bessie Rumball
Lillian Rumball
Lilla Rumball
Emmeline Rumball
May Rumball
Kate Rumball
Emly Rumball
Jessie Rumball
Ellen Rumball
Marie Rumball

Top occupations

Bonnet Sewer
Retired Farmer
Farm Bailiff
Civil Engineer
Gardener (D)
Farm Lab
Farmer 72 Acres Employ 3 Labourers
Farmer Of 139 Acres Employing 3 Lab
Farmer Of 200 Acres Employing 17 Men And 2 Boys
Farmers Wife
Foreman Horsekeeper
Warehouseman Leather Factory L Goods
Formerly Housekeeper
Furniture Dealer
Gen Dom Servant
General Servant
Grocer & Oilman
Groom & Gar (8/-)
Agricultural Laborer
Housekeeper (Dom)
Able Seaman
Dealer In Fine Art
Bank Manager
Clerk Bank Of England
Coach Builder
Coach Painter
Coachmaker And Wheelwright
Coachman (D)
Die Engraver
Dom Serv (Parlour Maid)
Domestic (Servant)
Domestic Servant
Articled Pupil
Engine Tender
Errand Boy General