Rowle in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Rowle
David Rowle
Edmund Rowle
Theophilus Rowle
Alfred Rowle
Andrew Rowle
Charles Rowle
Fred Rowle
George Rowle
Henry Rowle
Herbert Rowle
Joseph Rowle
Matthew Rowle

Top female forenames

Mary Rowle
Ellen Rowle
Harriett Rowle
Florence Rowle
Sarah Rowle
Agnes Rowle
Nellie Rowle
Lucy Rowle
Lavinia Rowle
Kate Rowle
Grace Rowle
Fanny Rowle
Emily Rowle
Elizabeth Rowle
Eliza Rowle
Dora Rowle
Bridget Rowle
Annie Rowle

Top occupations

Employed At Home
General Servt Domestic
Traveller (Com)
Shoe Mkr
Receiving Par Relief
Publican And Farmer
Grocers Assistant Errand Boy
Grocers Assistant
Ag Lab
Farmer 55 Acres 1 Man
Employed At School
Domestic Servant
Clothes Broker
Cattle Doctor & Castrator (Vet)
Boot And Shoe Maker