Roby in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Roby
William Roby
James Roby
Thomas Roby
George Roby
Henry Roby
Richard Roby
Joseph Roby
Robert Roby
Alfred Roby
Samuel Roby
Albert Roby
Charles Roby
Michael Roby
Frank Roby
Edward Roby
Harry Roby
Nehemiah Roby
Herbert Roby
Roger Roby
Ernest Roby
Caleb Roby
Frederic Roby
Jno. Roby
Wm. Roby
Thos. Roby
Simon Roby
Nathan Roby
Joshua Roby
Allan Roby
Francois Roby
Reuben Roby
Albt. Roby
Jeffrey Roby
Willie Roby
Peter Roby
Aaron Roby
Jas. Roby
Walter Roby
Edwd. Roby
Oswald Roby
Hubert Roby
Edgar Roby
Stephen Roby
Chas. Roby
Nathanel Roby
Harold Roby
Sarah Roby
Moses Roby
Fredrick Roby

Top female forenames

Mary Roby
Elizabeth Roby
Ellen Roby
Alice Roby
Jane Roby
Sarah Roby
Ann Roby
Margaret Roby
Eliza Roby
Annie Roby
Emma Roby
Hannah Roby
Catherine Roby
Martha Roby
Susan Roby
Rachel Roby
Anne Roby
Esther Roby
Amelia Roby
Agnes Roby
Louisa Roby
Kate Roby
Emily Roby
Maria Roby
Harriet Roby
Charlotte Roby
Flora Roby
Betsy Roby
Susanna Roby
Helen Roby
Ada Roby
Fanny Roby
Laura Roby
Josephine Roby
Rose Roby
Mabel Roby
Gertrude Roby
Rohdia Roby
Dora Roby
Lydia Roby
(Mrs) Roby
Florrie Roby
Phoebe Roby
Catheine Roby
Lillian Roby
Eveline Roby
Maud Roby
Zenath Roby
Ethel Roby
Matilda Roby

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Weaver
Ag Lab
General Servant
Farmers Son
Domestic Servant
General Servant (Domestic)
Drawer In Coal Miner
Nail Maker
General Serv Domestic
Lodging House Keeper
Cotton Operative
Coal Drawer
Pony Driver In Coal Pit
Coal Mine Laborer
No Occupation
Needle Woman
Field Work (Ag Lab)
Coal Miner Wife
Cotton Factory Operative
Bolt Maker
Keeper Of Ladies School (Serv)
Weaver In Cotton Mill
Assistant School Teacher
Assistant Teacher
General Labourer
Throstle Spinner In Cotton Mill
General Serv
Braid Makers (Trim)
Brass Founder
Weaver (Cotton)
Reeler In Cotton Mill
Brush Maker
Factory Operative (Cotton)
Bricklayers Labourer
Winder In Pit Engine Driver