Roblin in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Roblin
William Roblin
Thomas Roblin
David Roblin
James Roblin
George Roblin
Richard Roblin
Benjamin Roblin
Albert Roblin
Evan Roblin
Daniel Roblin
Phillip Roblin
Oliver Roblin
Mordecai Roblin
Hubert Roblin
Robert Roblin
Alfred Roblin
Nathaniel Roblin
Isaac Roblin
Henry Roblin
Frederick Roblin

Top female forenames

Mary Roblin
Elizabeth Roblin
Martha Roblin
Margaret Roblin
Anne Roblin
Ann Roblin
Jane Roblin
Catherine Roblin
Ellen Roblin
Susan Roblin
Sarah Roblin
Clara Roblin
Margret Roblin
Lucy Roblin
Susanora Roblin
Frances Roblin
Susanah Roblin
Evelina Roblin
Sasanah Roblin
Rebecca Roblin
Eliza Roblin
Matilda Roblin
Eleanor Roblin
Charlotte Roblin
Lettice Roblin
Tabitha Roblin
Harriet Roblin
Susannah Roblin
Florence Roblin
Emily Roblin
Phebe Roblin
Elenor Roblin

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
Pensioners Daur
Butter Merchants Son
Laundry Maid
Ag Lab
General Servant Farm (Ag Lab)
Working Plasterer
Grocer & Draper Wife
House Maid (Dom)
General Servant (Dom)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
General (Dom) Servant
Inn Keepers Wife
Laborer H M Dockyard (Ship Br)
Labourer On Farm
Labourer Work On Farm
Labourers Widow
Pensioner Of HMS Dockyard
Pensioners Grandaughter
Pupil Teacher
Refiner In Iron
Ag Lab Wife
Agri Lab
Agric Lab
Beacher Tin Works
Bl Smith
Bl Smith Hammerman
Butter Merchant (Butterman)
Butter Merchants Wife
Candidate Teacher
Fishing Woman
Clerk In A Bank (Serv)
Currier (Leather)
Currier Employing 1 Man
Domestic Servt
Duster In Tinworks
Engine Driver (Railway)
Farm Serv (Indoor)