Richter in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Richter
Frederick Richter
Ernest Richter
Henry Richter
George Richter
John Richter
Joseph Richter
Anton Richter
Adolph Richter
Louis Richter
Christopher Richter
Bruno Richter
Herman Richter
Thomas Richter
Gustave Richter
Robert Richter
Augustus Richter
Herbert Richter
Theodor Richter
Hanrich Richter
Robin Richter
Otto Richter
Fredk. Richter
Maximilian Richter
Frank Richter
Jean Richter
August Richter
Adolphe Richter
Sydney Richter
Fredrick Richter
Oscar Richter
Lums Richter
Francis Richter
Edward Richter
Johann Richter
Charles Richter
Hermann Richter

Top female forenames

Mary Richter
Emma Richter
Anna Richter
Jane Richter
Anne Richter
Elizabeth Richter
Sophie Richter
Harriet Richter
Amy Richter
Robina Richter
Georgiana Richter
A.Clara Richter
Fatema Richter
Margaret Richter
Emily Richter
Madhilde Richter
Eliza Richter
Lizzie Richter
Charlott Richter
Augusta Richter
Wilhelmina Richter
Henrietta Richter
Theresa Richter
Hedwig Richter
Ann Richter
Sarah Richter
Gertrude Richter
Agnes Richter
Maryann Richter
Florence Richter
Marie Richter
Magdalena Richter
Louisa Richter
Eliz. Richter
Kate Richter
Brigette Richter
Yaha Richter
Isabella Richter
Augugta Richter
Wilhelm Richter
Helena Richter

Top occupations

Clerk Bank Of England
Annuitant On Land
Commerl Clerk
Cabinet Maker
Master Baker
Governess (Priv) (T)
Governess (Private School)
Governess Teacher
Hair Dresses
Hair Dresses Assistant
Hair Dresses Son
Hair Dresses Wife
House Decorator
Governess (Priv)
Wine Merchants Clerk
Pupil Teacher
Purse & Pocket Book Maker
Purse Maker Fancy Leather
A B Seaman
Commercial Traveller
Beer Retailer
Boot Maker
Bakers Sert
Carver & Gilder Journeyman
Bag And Portmanteau Maker
Coal Iron And Chemical Export Merchant
Coat Maker
Coml Clerk
Bankers Clerk
Assistant To Father Baker
Domestic Servant Housemaid
Furrier Cutter
Gas Engineer
Gas Works Lab
General Merchant
Glass Engineer (Manuf)