Rays in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

James Rays
Albert Rays
John Rays
George Rays
Thomas Rays
Henry Rays
Basil Rays
Jonathan Rays

Top female forenames

Mary Rays
Elizabeth Rays
Annie Rays
Catharine Rays
Anne Rays
Jane Rays
Ethel Rays
Ellen Rays
Charlot Rays
Rose Rays
Martha Rays
Harriett Rays
Emily Rays

Top occupations

Ag Lab
House & Parlor Maid Domestic
Wheelwrights Apprentice
Stable Helper
Railway Carriage Examiner
Ladies Maid Domestic
Laborer Genl
Housemaid Domestic Servt
General Servant Domestic
General Serv
General Lab Wife
General Lab
Family Servant Domestic
Cook (D)
Clerk To Potato Mercht