Rate in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Rate
William Rate
James Rate
Henry Rate
Thomas Rate
John Rate
Alfred Rate
Robert Rate
Joe Rate
Frederick Rate
Edwin Rate
Arthur Rate
Fredrick Rate
Edward Rate
Joseph Rate
Charles Rate
Bradshaw Rate
Jno. Rate
Albert Rate
Grove Rate
Walter Rate
Fred Rate
Francis Rate
Matthew Rate
Benjaman Rate
Harry Rate
W.R. Rate
Stephen Rate
Frank Rate
Richard Rate
Lachlan Rate
Christopher Rate

Top female forenames

Mary Rate
Elizabeth Rate
Sarah Rate
Alice Rate
Emma Rate
Annie Rate
Jane Rate
Ann Rate
Louisa Rate
Julia Rate
Hannah Rate
Edith Rate
Isabella Rate
Martha Rate
Harriet Rate
Flora Rate
Susan Rate
Catherine Rate
Margrate Rate
Florence Rate
M.A Rate
Ethel Rate
Susannah Rate
Ada Rate
Lucy Rate
Sophia Rate
Liley Rate
Ruth Rate
Rosanna Rate
Clara Rate
May Rate
Helen Rate
Caroline Rate
Beatrice Rate
Maria Rate
Frances Rate
Margaret Rate
V.B. Rate
Agnes Rate
Lydia Rate
Enid Rate
Emily Rate
Eliza Rate
Rose Rate
J.G. Rate
E.C.A. Rate
Rebecca Rate
Ida Rate
Harriett Rate
Betsey Rate

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Agricultural Labourer
Shoe Hand
Machinist (Shoe)
General Servant
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv
Brickfield Laborer
Shoe Maker
General Labourer
Engine Fitter
Engineers Daur
Farm Lab
Farm Servant Indoor
Farmer Of 60 Acres Employing 1 Laborer & 1 Boy
Fell Monger
Formerly Innkeeper
Engine Driver Great Western Railway
Ag Labourer Wife
Ag Labourer
Ag Lab Wife
Ironstone Miner
Laborers Wife
A Farmers Wife On Visit
Boot Closer
Booking Clerk Steam Boat Co
Builders Laborer
China Dealer
Clergyman M. A. (Without Cure)
Clerk In Locomotive Dept G W R
Boot & Shoe Maker
Collector Steam Boat (Hd Serv)
Cottager 8 Acres
Cotton Card Tenter
Bakers Ass
Attendant Soldier Pensioner
Assistant (Mrch)