Pryse in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Pryse
Edward Pryse
James Pryse
Thomas Pryse
Richard Pryse
David Pryse
Pryse Pryse
William Pryse
Morgan Pryse
Charles Pryse
Abraham Pryse
Samuel Pryse
Robert Pryse
Alexander Pryse
Walter Pryse
Herbert Pryse
George Pryse
Fredrick Pryse
Eric Pryse
Lewis Pryse
Leanord Pryse
Daniel Pryse
Joseph Pryse
Arthur Pryse
Job Pryse
Albert Pryse
Thos. Pryse
Jacob Pryse
Stephen Pryse
Henry Pryse
Fulwar Pryse
Rich. Pryse
Evan Pryse
Elias Pryse
Lewes Pryse
Josiah Pryse

Top female forenames

Mary Pryse
Sarah Pryse
Anne Pryse
Jane Pryse
Elizabeth Pryse
Eliza Pryse
Margaret Pryse
Annie Pryse
Emma Pryse
Elizth. Pryse
Laura Pryse
Catherine Pryse
Winifred Pryse
Fanny Pryse
Anna Pryse
Serlena Pryse
Ada Pryse
Margaretta Pryse
Edith Pryse
Louisa Pryse
Cathrine Pryse
Janet Pryse
Cath. Pryse
Gwen Pryse
Beatrice Pryse
Florence Pryse
Sophia Pryse
Esther Pryse
Ann Pryse
Sarahann Pryse
Ellen Pryse
Maude Pryse
Elizebeth Pryse
Margret Pryse
Decima Pryse
Bertha Pryse
Grace Pryse

Top occupations

Farmers Son
No Occupation
Lead Miner
Lab Son
Farmers Wife
Farmers Daur
Household Duties
Formerly Domestic Serv
Farmers Brother
Invalid Dependent On Charity
General Servant
Gentleman Cadet
Gun Maker
Gun Manufacturer Wife
Baronets Wife
Inn Keeper
General Serv (Ag Lab)
Baronets Daur
Ag Labourers Wife
Lead Miners Widow
Lead Ore Dresser
Lead Ore Dresser (Miner)
Ag Labourer
Farmer Of 130 Acres
Dairyman Assistant
Domestic Servant
Drapers Apprentice
Curate Of New Tredegar
Farmer 155 Acres Emp 2 Boys 1 Girl
Farmer 20 Acres
Farmer 43 Acres
Farmer 900 Acres
Farmer Of 121 Acres Employ 2 Men
Farmer Of 25 Acres
Farmer Of 88 Acres
Ag Lab
Farmers Sister
Chemists Warehouse Girl
Cab Driver