Prigg in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Prigg
Thomas Prigg
Henry Prigg
John Prigg
George Prigg
James Prigg
Arthur Prigg
Alfred Prigg
Harry Prigg
Richard Prigg
Robert Prigg
Tom Prigg
Jesse Prigg
Edwin Prigg
Wm. Prigg
Charles Prigg
Herbert Prigg
Frederick Prigg
Nathan Prigg
Joseph Prigg
David Prigg
Thos. Prigg
Jabez Prigg
Alfd. Prigg
Teraia Prigg
Samuel Prigg
Harold Prigg
Robt.Harry Prigg
Fred Prigg
Nathanael Prigg
Martha Prigg
Earnest Prigg
Walter Prigg
Tobias Prigg
Albert Prigg
Stephen Prigg
Saml. Prigg
Granville Prigg
Oliver Prigg
Ernest Prigg
Edward Prigg

Top female forenames

Mary Prigg
Elizabeth Prigg
Ann Prigg
Emma Prigg
Harriet Prigg
Florence Prigg
Eliza Prigg
Caroline Prigg
Martha Prigg
Sarah Prigg
Alice Prigg
Hannah Prigg
Selina Prigg
Lucy Prigg
Sophia Prigg
Louisa Prigg
Myra Prigg
Harriett Prigg
Clara Prigg
Susan Prigg
Catherine Prigg
Margaret Prigg
Ellen Prigg
Rosannah Prigg
Rebecca Prigg
Minnie Prigg
Frances Prigg
Fanny Prigg
Maria Prigg
Ruth Prigg
Augusta Prigg
Elizebeth Prigg
Rosalie Prigg
Anne Prigg
Robert Prigg
Jessie Prigg
Eliz.A. Prigg
Phoeby Prigg
Henrietta Prigg
Zipporah Prigg
Edith Prigg
Susannah Prigg
Maud Prigg
Beatrice Prigg
Marion Prigg
Beatha Prigg
Annie Prigg
Elizath. Prigg
Rosa Prigg
Anna Prigg

Top occupations

General Labourer
Horse Hair Weaver
Boot & Shoe Maker
Farmers Wife
Ag Lab
Tanners Laborer
Shoe Maker
Marine Store Dealer
Agricul. Labourer
Agril Labourer
Waitress Domestic Servt
Boot Maker
Coal Merchants Labr
Certificated Teacher
Folder & Stitcher (Printer)
Foreman Weaver
Forman Of Shipwrights
French Polisher
Furnace Man In Forge (Iron)
? School Mistress
General Laborer
General Servant
Glove Cutter
Farmers Son
Farmers Daughter
Wool Weaver (W C M)
Cocoa Nut Mat Maker
Cocoa Nut Mat Weaver
Boot & Shoe Maker Wife
Bank Accountant
Engine Driver (Unemployed)
Engine Smith At Factory (& M Mkr)
Excavator & General Builder
Factory Hand
Cotton Weaver
Childrens Maid
Check Weaver
Boot Machinist