Prestwich in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Prestwich
James Prestwich
Robert Prestwich
William Prestwich
Joseph Prestwich
Thomas Prestwich
George Prestwich
Albert Prestwich
Arthur Prestwich
Richard Prestwich
Wright Prestwich
Samuel Prestwich
Joshua Prestwich
Walter Prestwich
Charles Prestwich
Alfred Prestwich
Daniel Prestwich
Henry Prestwich
Edwin Prestwich
David Prestwich
Harry Prestwich
Percy Prestwich
Nathan Prestwich
Fred Prestwich
Ernest Prestwich
Edward Prestwich
Robt. Prestwich
Algernon Prestwich
Nimrod Prestwich
Frederic Prestwich
Moses Prestwich
Frances Prestwich
Lewis Prestwich
Edmund Prestwich
Isaac Prestwich
Herbert Prestwich
Almieth Prestwich
Frederick Prestwich
Louis Prestwich
Edgar Prestwich
Simeon Prestwich
Jacob Prestwich
Hugh Prestwich
Benjamin Prestwich
Richd. Prestwich
Almuth Prestwich
Peter Prestwich

Top female forenames

Mary Prestwich
Sarah Prestwich
Ann Prestwich
Jane Prestwich
Hannah Prestwich
Elizabeth Prestwich
Alice Prestwich
Emma Prestwich
Annie Prestwich
Eliza Prestwich
Isabella Prestwich
Martha Prestwich
Ellen Prestwich
Betsy Prestwich
Edith Prestwich
Maria Prestwich
Florence Prestwich
Margaret Prestwich
Emily Prestwich
Harriett Prestwich
Charlotte Prestwich
Frances Prestwich
Rachel Prestwich
Susan Prestwich
Ruth Prestwich
Bertha Prestwich
Etty Prestwich
Rachael Prestwich
Elizth. Prestwich
Nancy Prestwich
Miria Prestwich
Ada Prestwich
Henrietta Prestwich
Edna Prestwich
Sydney Prestwich
Marianne Prestwich
Betty Prestwich
Margt.Ellen Prestwich
Rebecca Prestwich
Bessie Prestwich
Margret Prestwich
Eva Prestwich
Belle Prestwich
Lucy Prestwich
Pheobe Prestwich
Annetta Prestwich
Lily Prestwich
Nelly Prestwich
Amanda Prestwich
Leah Prestwich

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Cotton Piecer
Cotton Warper
Hat Trimmer
Cotton Reeler
Silk Weaver
Cotton Spinner
General Serv
Cotton Mill Card Room
School Girl
Domestic Servt Nurse
General Servant
Coal Agent
Stone Mason
Reeler Cotton Mill
Maker Up Of Cotton Goods (Dyer)
Calico Weaver
Works In Dye Works (C)
Boiler Maker
Cotton Operative
Charwoman No Occ
Cotton Porter
Cotton Spool Winder (C M)
Cotton Spr Employing 50
Cotton Warp Dresser
Cotton Warp Slasher
Beam Carrier Cotton Mill
C Factory Cardroom
Clerk Cotton Mill
Clerk Grey Cotton Cloth Dept (Comm)
Clerks Wife
Cab Driver
Coal Agent (Mrcht)
Coal Agent Wife
Coml Clk (Cotton)
Commission Agent
Coal Agent (Mercht)
Block Printer Calico