Pear in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Pear
Thomas Pear
William Pear
George Pear
James Pear
Henry Pear
Charles Pear
Arthur Pear
Joseph Pear
Alfred Pear
Samuel Pear
Edward Pear
Philip Pear
Albert Pear
Thos. Pear
Ernest Pear
Thesbin Pear
Edwin Pear
Robert Pear
Cornelius Pear
Phillip Pear
Benjamin Pear
Mikle Pear
Jos. Pear
Harry Pear
Tom Pear
Frederick Pear
Eli Pear
Richard Pear

Top female forenames

Mary Pear
Elizabeth Pear
Emma Pear
Ann Pear
Sarah Pear
Jane Pear
Annie Pear
Emily Pear
Alice Pear
Catherine Pear
Louisa Pear
Kate Pear
Hester Pear
Hannah Pear
Eliza Pear
Susan Pear
Mily Pear
Hanna Pear
Marther Pear
Fanny Pear
Ada Pear
Margret. Pear
Lydia Pear
Susanah Pear
Edith Pear
Cissey Pear
Rosa Pear
Nellie Pear
C... Pear
Minnie Pear
Anne Pear
Gertrude Pear
Martha Pear
Margaret Pear
Ellen Pear
Susannah Pear
Louise Pear
Lizzie Pear
Easter Pear
Ruth Pear
Jenny Pear
Charlotte Pear
Rachel Pear
James Pear
Carthrin Pear
Naomi Pear
Henrietta Pear

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Teacher Of Dancing
Elementay Certificated Teacher
Plumber Appr
Retired Annuitant
Silk Winder
Fancy Wool Worker
Domestic Serv
Agricultural Laborer
Boot Maker
Housemaid Dom Serv
General Porter
General Servant
Wife Of He Above
Genl Serv (Domestic)
Harnes Stitcher
Housekeeper (Dom)
General Domestic Serv
Housemaid Domestic
Assistant Greengrocer
Agricultural Labourer
Japanese Merchant
Literary Agent
2nd Ladies Maid
Driver (Coachman ...) 2
Civil Service Paper Keeper
Confectioners Porter (Inn)
Cook Domestic
Cotton Reeler
Dom Servant
Domestic (Servt)
General Labourer
Engine Fitter
Engine Fitter (Works)
Engineer (Artizan)
Brass Caster
Farm Servant (Indoor)