Pates in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Pates
George Pates
Charles Pates
John Pates
Henry Pates
James Pates
Thomas Pates
Frederick Pates
Samuel Pates
Joseph Pates
Alfred Pates
Harry Pates
Fred Pates
Edward Pates
Herbert Pates
Frank Pates
Fredrick Pates
Francis Pates
Walter Pates
Ruben Pates
Richard Pates
Arther Pates
Leonard Pates
F.W. Pates
Ada Pates
Jn. Pates
Edwd. Pates
Horace Pates
Edmund Pates
David Pates
Valentine Pates
Benjamin Pates
Robert Pates
Arthur Pates
Reubin Pates
Andrew Pates
Albert Pates
Jno. Pates
Edwin Pates
Wm.Hnry. Pates
Earnest Pates
Charley Pates
Geo.Edwd. Pates
Chales Pates
Fredk.W. Pates
Bedford Pates
Fred. Pates

Top female forenames

Mary Pates
Sarah Pates
Eliza Pates
Emily Pates
Ellen Pates
Emma Pates
Elizabeth Pates
Annie Pates
Jane Pates
Alice Pates
Maria Pates
Florence Pates
Catherine Pates
Ann Pates
Kate Pates
Clara Pates
Susan Pates
Ada Pates
Lucy Pates
Bertha Pates
Anne Pates
Martha Pates
Lizzie Pates
Minnie Pates
Marie Pates
Adelaide Pates
Edith Pates
Sophia Pates
Louisa Pates
Charlotte Pates
Rosa Pates
Caroline Pates
Matilda Pates
Amy Pates
Jessie Pates
Marianne Pates
Agnes Pates
Isabella Pates
Susannah Pates
Elixer Pates
Mabel Pates
Harriet Pates
Sula Pates
Decima Pates
Lucey Pates
Hanah Pates
Louis Pates
Flora Pates
Rose Pates
F. Pates

Top occupations

Ag Labourer
Ag Lab
Cotton Operative
Domestic Servant
Agric Lab
Farm Lab
Straw Hat Sewer
General Labourer
Straw Plaiter
Assistant In Bar
Cab Driver
Woolen Cloth Worker
Sewer Straw Hat
No Occupation
Bonnet Sewer (Straw)
Works in Garden Occasionally (Not Dom)
Straw Hat Maker
(Dom) Servant
Agr Lab
Corn Merchants Clerk
Corn Merchant
Ag Servant
Day Lab & 3 1/2 Acres Of Land (Ag)
Ag Labr
Eating House Keeper
Cook Servant
Bank Porter
Cook Dom Servt
Cabinet Maker
Butchers Assistantant
Bricklayers Lab
Brewers Son
Bootmakers Apprentice
Boiler Maker
Bank Manager