Paddison in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Paddison
John Paddison
George Paddison
Thomas Paddison
Charles Paddison
Henry Paddison
Joseph Paddison
James Paddison
Edward Paddison
Robert Paddison
Alfred Paddison
Fred Paddison
David Paddison
Albert Paddison
Walter Paddison
Richard Paddison
Ernest Paddison
Arthur Paddison
Harold Paddison
Geo. Paddison
Edwin Paddison
Christopher Paddison
Thos. Paddison
Frank Paddison
Tom Paddison
Samuel Paddison
Amos Paddison
Percival Paddison
Franch Paddison
Wilson Paddison
Willey Paddison
Jacob Paddison
Edw. Paddison
J. Paddison
Howard Paddison
Sydney Paddison
Harry Paddison
Anthony Paddison
Robett Paddison
Fredrick Paddison
Moses Paddison
Wm. Paddison
Jame Paddison
Watkin Paddison
Jabez Paddison
Isaac Paddison
Charlie Paddison

Top female forenames

Mary Paddison
Emma Paddison
Sarah Paddison
Ann Paddison
Eliza Paddison
Elizabeth Paddison
Hannah Paddison
Fanny Paddison
Frances Paddison
Alice Paddison
Jane Paddison
Annie Paddison
Louisa Paddison
Charlotte Paddison
Susan Paddison
Martha Paddison
Ellen Paddison
Lucy Paddison
Florence Paddison
Rebecca Paddison
Isabella Paddison
Margaret Paddison
Amelia Paddison
Gertrude Paddison
Caroline Paddison
Matilda Paddison
Beatrice Paddison
Anne Paddison
Rose Paddison
Harriet Paddison
Betsy Paddison
Ethel Paddison
Emily Paddison
Maria Paddison
Harriett Paddison
Rachel Paddison
Clara Paddison
Leonora Paddison
Ada Paddison
Mrs. Paddison
Cella Paddison
Laura Paddison
Minnie Paddison
Kate Paddison
Florance Paddison
Melinder Paddison
Betsey Paddison
Judith Paddison
Evelyn Paddison
Huzza Paddison

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Farmer Wife
Farm Serv
Farmers Son
House Keeper
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Labourers Wife
Farm Labourer
Retired Farmer
Inn Keeper
Drapers Assistant
Shoe Machinist
Domestic Servant
Laborer Agri
General Serv Domestic
No Occu.
General Servant
Asst Med Officer M B Lon
Cook Dom Serv
Bakers Assistant
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Agricultural (Lab) (Servant)
Fancy Draper Empg 9 Assistants
Ag Labor Wife
Engine Smith (E & M)
Eng Fitters Laborer
Dressmaker Assistant
Ag Laborer
Cattle Drover
Ag Shepherd
Wife Of Cordwainer
Coach Trimmers Wife
Dairymaid (Ag Lab)
Cordwainer - Unemployed
Copper Marker