Nicolson in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Nicolson
James Nicolson
William Nicolson
Joseph Nicolson
Henry Nicolson
George Nicolson
Robert Nicolson
Donald Nicolson
Thomas Nicolson
Alexander Nicolson
Richard Nicolson
Patrick Nicolson
Duncan Nicolson
Alex. Nicolson
Peter Nicolson
Alfred Nicolson
Sarah Nicolson
Roderic Nicolson
G.F. Nicolson
Alex Nicolson
Frazer Nicolson
Edward Nicolson
Nicol Nicolson
Matthew Nicolson
David Nicolson
Chas. Nicolson
Theodore Nicolson
Jas. Nicolson
Amos Nicolson
Stephen Nicolson
Herbert Nicolson
Alexr. Nicolson
Roderick Nicolson
Frederick Nicolson
Emerson Nicolson
Niel Nicolson
E.J. Nicolson
Neil Nicolson
Kenneth Nicolson
Christefor Nicolson
Archd. Nicolson
Sydney Nicolson

Top female forenames

Mary Nicolson
Elizabeth Nicolson
Margaret Nicolson
Hannah Nicolson
Eliza Nicolson
Jane Nicolson
Helen Nicolson
Annie Nicolson
Ann Nicolson
Louisa Nicolson
Ellen Nicolson
Sarah Nicolson
Charlotte Nicolson
Agnes Nicolson
Honora Nicolson
Catherine Nicolson
Jessie Nicolson
Caroline Nicolson
Frances Nicolson
Lizzie Nicolson
Emily Nicolson
Letishe Nicolson
Sophie Nicolson
Janet Nicolson
Elisabeth Nicolson
Phoebe Nicolson
E.E. Nicolson
Henrietta Nicolson
Clementina Nicolson
Marion Nicolson
Harriett Nicolson
Brobina Nicolson
Mabel Nicolson
Eva Nicolson
Barbara Nicolson
Emma Nicolson
Anna Nicolson
Lettitia Nicolson
Amy Nicolson
Edith Nicolson
Matilda Nicolson
Henritte Nicolson
Dorcas Nicolson
Martha Nicolson
Maria Nicolson
Harriet Nicolson
Magie Nicolson
Bridget Nicolson
M.A. Nicolson
Euphemia Nicolson

Top occupations

Rivetter (Shoe Trade)
Domestic Serv
Shovel Finisher
Confectioners Assistant
Farm Serv Indoor
Engine Fitter
Farmer Of 50 Acres
General Serv Dommestic
Worsted Warper
General Servant (Domestic)
General Servant (In Door)
Grocers Assistant
Housekeeper (DS)
Iron Dresser
Joiners Labourer
L.R.C.P. Edin Physician
Lab Engine Fitters
Laborer Gas House
Labourer Steelworks
Lather (Bricklayer)
Master Mariner
Apprentice To Stationer
Baronet Adml Retired List
Boiler Maker
Brusher At Bleachers
Cabinet Paper Maker
Cardroom Cotton
Clergymans Widow
Farm Labourer (Ag Lab)
Coachman Dom Serv
Commercial Clerk (Unemployed)
Confectioners Shop
Contractor (Undef)
Cotton Weaver
Draper & Farmer 220 Acres 16 Men
Drysalter Com Traveller
4th Hand