Newhall in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Newhall
James Newhall
William Newhall
Thomas Newhall
George Newhall
Joseph Newhall
Robert Newhall
Richard Newhall
Arthur Newhall
Patrick Newhall
Charles Newhall
Michael Newhall
Benjamin Newhall
Wm. Newhall
Jas.G. Newhall
Alexander Newhall
Victor Newhall
Isaac Newhall
Aaron Newhall
Harry Newhall
Samuel Newhall
Fred Newhall
Francis Newhall
Edmund Newhall
Matthew Newhall
Albert Newhall
Thos Newhall
Henry Newhall
Sidney Newhall
Harold Newhall
Robt. Newhall
Freeman Newhall
Richd. Newhall
Fread Newhall
Percy Newhall
Edwin Newhall
David Newhall

Top female forenames

Sarah Newhall
Mary Newhall
Elizabeth Newhall
Ann Newhall
Ellen Newhall
Jane Newhall
Catherine Newhall
Florence Newhall
Emma Newhall
Alice Newhall
Eliza Newhall
Frances Newhall
Emily Newhall
Agnes Newhall
Harriet Newhall
Marie Newhall
Margaret Newhall
Ada Newhall
Kate Newhall
Dorothy Newhall
Selina Newhall
Harriett Newhall
Clara Newhall
Rose Newhall
Hannah Newhall
Bety Newhall
Minnie Newhall
Beatrice Newhall
Matilda Newhall
Fanny Newhall
Anne Newhall
Martha Newhall
Esther Newhall
Amelia Newhall
Margarett Newhall
Louisa Newhall
Jessie Newhall
Edith Newhall
Isabella Newhall
Dora Newhall
Rachel Newhall
Gertrude Newhall
Betty Newhall
May Newhall
Annie Newhall
Eval Newhall

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Worsted Weaver
Rivetter (Ship Builder)
Farm Laborer
Gen. Lab.
Farm Hand (Bailif)
Matron Of Infant Nursery
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer 50 Acres 3 Men
Leather Tanner
Formerly Dressmaker
Formerly Railway Guard
Iron Turner (E & M)
General Ser
Laborer General
Groom (ND)
Grooms Wife
Gypsum Miner
House Porter
Housemaid Dom Serv
Clerk (Invoice)
Bag Maker
Bag Maker (Sack)
Bagmaker (P)
Biscuit Bakers Wife
Biscuit Maker
Boot Rivetter
Box Maker
Capt Indian Staff Corps Retired
Farm Laborers Daur
Cloth Finisher
Coachman Domestic Serv
Coal Hurrier
Worsted Weaving Overlooker
Cotton Speed Tenter
Dock Labourer (Serv)
Dock Labr
Driller (Iron)
Dyehouse (Carpets) Labourer