Mornington in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Mornington
George Mornington
James Mornington
John Mornington
Edwin Mornington
Alfred Mornington
Henry Mornington
Charles Mornington
Walter Mornington
Herbert Mornington
Edwd. Mornington
Thomas Mornington
Percy Mornington
Joseph Mornington
Richard Mornington
Joshua Mornington

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Mornington
Mary Mornington
Ellen Mornington
Annie Mornington
Alice Mornington
Emily Mornington
Margret Mornington
Ann Mornington
Eleanor Mornington
Catherine Mornington
Carolina Mornington
Laura Mornington
Florence Mornington
Violet Mornington
Euphemia Mornington
Rose Mornington
Maude Mornington
Ellaner Mornington
Eliza Mornington
Clara Mornington
Madaline Mornington
Caroline Mornington
Lilian Mornington
Beatrice Mornington
Georgina Mornington
Fanny Mornington
Sarah Mornington
Esther Mornington
Minnie Mornington
Maud Mornington
Maria Mornington
Margaret Mornington
Louisa Mornington

Top occupations

Domestic Serv
Formerly Twiner Piecer
Employed on Farm
Railway Ticket Coll
Housemaid Domestic
Kitchenmaid Domestic
Manageress (Eating)
Piano Forte Maker
Private Army Service Corps
House Decorator
Saddler (Apprentice)
Seaman Apprentice
Seamer (S)
Shopman Tallow Chandelor
Soldiers Wife
Stage Profession (Actor)
Stock Exchange Clerk
Apprentice Piano Forte
Brass Cabinet Worker
Chandelier Maker
Clergyman Without Come Of Souls
Cook (Dom)
Domestic Servant General
Dry Goods Salesman
Farm Serv (Indr)
Farmer 114 Acres
Farmer of 154 Acres
Farmer Of 270 Acres Employing 4 Men
Farmer Unemployed
Gen Dom Serv
General Servant
Ag Lab