Morice in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Morice
Charles Morice
James Morice
Alfred Morice
Walter Morice
John Morice
David Morice
Larence Morice
Arthur Morice
Jenkin Morice
Herbert Morice
Gilbert Morice
Strutton Morice
Geo.H. Morice
Rich. Morice
Frank Morice
Patrick Morice
Earnest Morice
Norman Morice
Daniel Morice
Lewis Morice
Beaumont Morice
Andrew Morice
Wm. Morice
Wiliam Morice
Henry Morice
Thomas Morice
Geo.Thos. Morice
Richard Morice
Fredk.Jno. Morice
Phillip Morice
Evan Morice
Owen Morice
Mathew Morice

Top female forenames

Mary Morice
Sarah Morice
Elizabeth Morice
Augusta Morice
Caroline Morice
Hanah Morice
Margaret Morice
Bertha Morice
Ida Morice
T.D. Morice
Georgina Morice
Agnes Morice
Fanny Morice
Mercy Morice
Ennes Morice
Margt. Morice
M.M.D. Morice
Eliz. Morice
Lilian Morice
Christina Morice
Jane Morice
Isabell Morice
Bella Morice
Violet Morice
Anne Morice
Sophia Morice
Florence Morice
Rachel Morice
Ethel Morice
Emiley Morice
Eliz.I. Morice
Louisa Morice
Edith Morice
Jessie Morice
Catherine Morice
Isabella Morice

Top occupations

Member Of London Stock Exchange (Broker)
Solicitor B.A.
Membor London Stock Exchange
No Occupation
Retired Master Mariner And Shipowner
Riveter South Shields
Sampler Warehouseman
Ship Broker And Coal Merchant
Ship Chandler ...
Ship Wright
Master Mariner
Student Of Medicine
Studt B.A. Jesus Collage Oxon
Undergraduate Aberdeen
Vicar Of Hoddesdon
Vicar Of River
Wife Of Membor London Stock Exchange
Wife Of Vicar
Wine Spirit & Liquor Dealer
Dressmakers Apprentice
Apprentice Platter (Ship)
Apprentice Tea Merchant (Clerk)
Asst School Master
Barrister At Law (In Practice)
Bombadier C.B. Artillery
Clergyman Church Of England
Clerk Stockbroker
Clock Jobber
Colliery Agent (Nine Serv)
Daily Governess (Teacher)
Member Of London Stock Exchange Wife
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer Son
Gen Servant Domestic
Grocers Assistant
Labourer Sewage
Lodging House Keeper
Marine Insurance Broker
Marine Insurance Broker & Underwriter