Molesworth in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Molesworth
Thomas Molesworth
George Molesworth
John Molesworth
Henry Molesworth
Arthur Molesworth
James Molesworth
Robert Molesworth
Paul Molesworth
Guy Molesworth
Oliver Molesworth
Frederick Molesworth
Walter Molesworth
Charles Molesworth
Hugh Molesworth
Harry Molesworth
Alfred Molesworth
Frank Molesworth
Ernest Molesworth
Richard Molesworth
Algy Molesworth
Alexander Molesworth
Abraham Molesworth
Matthew Molesworth
Franes Molesworth
Lawrence Molesworth
Eric Molesworth
St Molesworth
Jno. Molesworth
Edmund Molesworth
Rodney Molesworth
Isaac Molesworth
Bagot Molesworth
Rennell Molesworth
Herbert Molesworth
Anthony Molesworth
Percy Molesworth
Paisley Molesworth
Albert Molesworth
Montague Molesworth
Visct. Molesworth
Lewis Molesworth
Theodore Molesworth
Edward Molesworth
Samuel Molesworth
David Molesworth
Robt. Molesworth
Infant Molesworth
Basil Molesworth
Hickman Molesworth

Top female forenames

Mary Molesworth
Sarah Molesworth
Jane Molesworth
Lucy Molesworth
Elizabeth Molesworth
Ann Molesworth
Emma Molesworth
Louisa Molesworth
Ellen Molesworth
Margaret Molesworth
Constance Molesworth
Caroline Molesworth
Alice Molesworth
Martha Molesworth
Harriet Molesworth
Georgina Molesworth
Rosa Molesworth
A. Molesworth
Florence Molesworth
Minnie Molesworth
Catherine Molesworth
Emily Molesworth
Annie Molesworth
Eliza Molesworth
Hannah Molesworth
Amy Molesworth
Charlotte Molesworth
Frances Molesworth
Fanny Molesworth
Isabella Molesworth
Marianne Molesworth
Anne Molesworth
Susannah Molesworth
Eleanor Molesworth
Lizzie Molesworth
Amelia Molesworth
Grace Molesworth
Laura Molesworth
Agnes Molesworth
Char. Molesworth
Julia Molesworth
Evelyn Molesworth
Isabel Molesworth
Marria Molesworth
Beatrice Molesworth
Henrietta Molesworth
Elizth. Molesworth
Marian Molesworth
Helen Molesworth
Sushannah Molesworth

Top occupations

General Servant
Ribbon Weaver
Dress Maker
Watch Finisher
Silk Winder
Watch Jeweller
Trimming Hand
Farmer 11 Acres
Farmer 20 Acres
Farmer 700 Acres Employing 21 Men 14 Boys
Farmer 100 Acres Of Land
Farm Labourer
Farmer Of 174 Acres 3 Labourers & 1 Boy
Formerly Lodging House Keeper
General Servant Domestic
Gentleman Wife
Clerk Inland Revenue Dep
(F Son)
(Fs Son)
Widow Of Captain (Royal Engineers)
24 Painter & C (Employing Men)
Artist In Embroidery
Bank Clerk
Baronet Formerly Clergyman Of Church Of England
Barrister At Law
Beer Seller
Coroner & Solicitor
Calico Printers Clerk
Carpenter & Joiner
Chain Maker
Civil Engineer
Clergymans Daughter
Clergymans Wife
Commander R.N.I.P. Devon And Lancaster
Commercial Clerk