Millson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Millson
John Millson
Henry Millson
George Millson
Thomas Millson
Charles Millson
Joseph Millson
James Millson
Samuel Millson
Edward Millson
Harry Millson
Richard Millson
Alfred Millson
Frederick Millson
Arthur Millson
Edwin Millson
Willm. Millson
Walter Millson
Amos Millson
Albert Millson
Isaac Millson
Chas. Millson
Thos. Millson
Geo. Millson
Robert Millson
Tom Millson
Frank Millson
Elijah Millson
Wm. Millson
Job Millson
Jas. Millson
Edmund Millson
Vincent Millson
David Millson
Thos.R. Millson
Harold Millson
Benjamin Millson
Sidney Millson
Aurthur Millson
Fred Millson
Andrew Millson
Louis Millson
Francis Millson
Wright Millson
Allen Millson
Elias Millson
Alfd. Millson
Jno. Millson
Eardly Millson
Herbert Millson

Top female forenames

Mary Millson
Elizabeth Millson
Sarah Millson
Alice Millson
Emma Millson
Annie Millson
Emily Millson
Ann Millson
Eliza Millson
Hannah Millson
Ellen Millson
Louisa Millson
Jane Millson
Maria Millson
Florence Millson
Martha Millson
Lydia Millson
Maud Millson
Margaret Millson
Edith Millson
Frances Millson
Laura Millson
Fanny Millson
Kate Millson
Amy Millson
Ada Millson
Lucy Millson
Harriet Millson
Rose Millson
Gertrude Millson
Minnie Millson
Charlotte Millson
Anne Millson
Jessie Millson
Rebecca Millson
Clara Millson
Cecilia Millson
Thomassine Millson
Elizth Millson
Iley Millson
Susanah Millson
Lydiason Millson
Henriette Millson
Eleaner Millson
Dora Millson
Lizzie Millson
Phillis Millson
Comfort Millson
Lavina Millson
Katherine Millson

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Farm Labourer
Coal Miner
No Occupation
Farmers Dau
Domestic Servant
General Laborer
Ostrich Feather Curler
General Servant
Masons Labourer
Boot Maker
Dom Groom
Farmer 150 Acres
Farmer (Bro)
Farm Serv Indoor
(Jeweller) Business Assistant
Farm Agr Labourer
Bricklayer & Farmer Of 20 Acres Employing One Man
Wood Sawyer
Dressmaker Appr
Apprentice (Tailors)
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servt
Boot Maker Retired
Domestic (Unemployed)
Button Holer
Builders Wife
Bus Driver
Baker Wife
Boot Riveter
Butchers Wife
Chemist & Post Mistress
Carpenter (Out Of Employ)
Boot Blicker ?