Milling in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Milling
John Milling
Henry Milling
James Milling
Robert Milling
Thomas Milling
George Milling
David Milling
Joseph Milling
Harry Milling
Samuel Milling
Frederick Milling
Edwin Milling
Charles Milling
Arthur Milling
Frank Milling
Edmund Milling
Ann Milling
Alfred Milling
Geo.Thomas Milling
Abijah Milling
Ralph Milling
Percival Milling
Ebanezer Milling
Matthew Milling
Dana Milling
Horace Milling
Andrew Milling
Tom Milling
Albert Milling
Stephen Milling
Fredrick Milling
Peter Milling
Michael Milling
Chas.Edwin Milling
Calvert Milling
Herbert Milling

Top female forenames

Mary Milling
Elizabeth Milling
Sarah Milling
Jane Milling
Ellen Milling
Margaret Milling
Alice Milling
Annie Milling
Caroline Milling
Maria Milling
Elizth. Milling
Eliza Milling
Johanna Milling
Clara Milling
Ann Milling
Esther Milling
Agnes Milling
Louisa Milling
Jessie Milling
Rachel Milling
Eveline Milling
Emma Milling
Adelaide Milling
Lucy Milling
Louise Milling
Edith Milling
Jenet Milling
Susannah Milling
Rhoda Milling
Hannah Milling
Betsy Milling
Patty Milling
Fanny Milling
Martha Milling
Lucia Milling
Eleanor Milling
Dora Milling
Jemima Milling
Charlotte Milling
Isabella Milling
Bridget Milling
Gertrude Milling

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Draper & Furnisher
Coal Miner
Iron Miner
Domestic Servant
Assist At Home (Dom Ser)
Engine Fitter At Works
Cordwainers Wife
Dock Labourer
Grafter Dealer (Lace MF)
Domestic Servant (Housemaid)
General Svt (Nurse)
Drapers Wife
Driller At Iron Works
Engine Driver
Wrot Iron Bolk Maker
General Serv Domestic
Engine Fitter In Wks
Errand Boy
Farm Labourer Carter
Farmer Of 200 Acres Employing 6 Labourers And 4 Boys
Foreman Railway Porter
General Lab
Articled Clerk (Law)
Assist At Home (Ag Lab)
Barge Mate
Boy 2 Cls
Brass Moulder
Builders Labourer
Bus Conductor
Carters Wife
Cotton Frame Tenter
Char Woman
Coke Drawer (Burner)
Color Sergt Staff 2 R Lac Militia
Ag Labourer