Millichamp in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Millichamp
Thomas Millichamp
John Millichamp
Henry Millichamp
Francis Millichamp
Edward Millichamp
Richard Millichamp
Samuel Millichamp
Charles Millichamp
Edwin Millichamp
Joseph Millichamp
James Millichamp
Alfred Millichamp
George Millichamp
Benjamin Millichamp
Herbert Millichamp
Benjamine Millichamp
David Millichamp
Soloman Millichamp
Hary Millichamp
Arthur Millichamp
H. Millichamp
Albert Millichamp
Rhesa Millichamp
Fredk. Millichamp
Martin Millichamp
F. Millichamp
Leonard Millichamp
Edmund Millichamp
W. Millichamp
J.W.H. Millichamp
Harry Millichamp
Ricd. Millichamp
R. Millichamp
M.John Millichamp
Ernest Millichamp
Joshua Millichamp
E.W. Millichamp
Wilfred Millichamp
Jabez Millichamp
Daniel Millichamp
Timothy Millichamp

Top female forenames

Mary Millichamp
Sarah Millichamp
Elizabeth Millichamp
Jane Millichamp
Ellen Millichamp
Martha Millichamp
Emma Millichamp
Ann Millichamp
Ada Millichamp
Annie Millichamp
Emily Millichamp
Eliza Millichamp
Julia Millichamp
Isabel Millichamp
Harriet Millichamp
Charlotte Millichamp
Lizzie Millichamp
Susan Millichamp
Betsy Millichamp
Lucy Millichamp
Lily Millichamp
Susannah Millichamp
Edith Millichamp
Sophia Millichamp
E. Millichamp
Dorathy Millichamp
Matilda Millichamp
Frances Millichamp
Fanny Millichamp
C.L. Millichamp
Maria Millichamp
Ethel Millichamp
Alice Millichamp
Kate Millichamp
Elizebeth Millichamp
Jessie Millichamp
Isabella Millichamp
E.E.W. Millichamp
Selina Millichamp
Helen Millichamp
Dorothy Millichamp
Rosa Millichamp
Georgina Millichamp
Clara Millichamp
Florence Millichamp
Cealer Millichamp
Marth Millichamp
F.E. Millichamp

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Cabinet Maker
Agricultural Labourer
Farmers Son
Horn Buffer
Domestic Servant
Saw Repairer
Moulder (Iron)
Farmers Daur
Labourer (Quarry)
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 90 Acres Employg 1 Man
Farmer Of 46 Acres
Farmer Of 44 Acres
General Laborour & Grocer Shop
Farmer Of 15 Acres & Labr
Farmer (20 Acres)
Farmer ((Farmers Wife))
General Labourer (Unemployed)
Farm Lab
General Servt
Glass Cutter
Dairymaid (Domestic Serv)
((Invalid From Youth))
(AL) Servant (Indoor)
(Scholar) Out Of Employ
1st Class Army Reserve
Accountant & C
Ag Lab Wife
Agl Labourer
Apprentice To Moulder (Iron)
Assistant Overseer
At Home
Domestic Servant (General)
Boot & Shoe Maker
Brass Dresser
Brass Finisher
Brass Founder
Buffer (Horn)
Coach Axle Maker
Coal Dealer