Millership in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Millership
William Millership
Richard Millership
George Millership
Thomas Millership
Joseph Millership
Alfred Millership
Job Millership
Samuel Millership
Charles Millership
Walter Millership
Saml. Millership
Albert Millership
Henry Millership
Archibald Millership
Jabez Millership
Abraham Millership
Isaac Millership
Harry Millership
Solomon Millership
Enoch Millership
Edward Millership
Benj. Millership
Launcelot Millership
Arthur Millership
Alix Millership
Isiah Millership
Edwin Millership
Robert Millership
Nathan Millership
Augustus Millership
Josiah Millership

Top female forenames

Mary Millership
Sarah Millership
Hannah Millership
Ann Millership
Eliza Millership
Elizabeth Millership
Emma Millership
Martha Millership
Annie Millership
Emily Millership
Lucy Millership
Harriet Millership
Maria Millership
Clara Millership
Jane Millership
Florence Millership
Alice Millership
Louisa Millership
Rebecca Millership
Amy Millership
Phillis Millership
Fanny Millership
Agnes Millership
Edith Millership
Lois Millership
L. Millership
Catherine Millership
Betsy Millership
Phoebe Millership
Minnie Millership
Margaret Millership
Eleanor Millership
Diana Millership
Lenora Millership
Christiana Millership
Jenny Millership
Caroline Millership
Selina Millership
Henrietta Millership

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Back Tenter
Striker Blacksmith (Nail)
Breeze Washer (Iron)
Labourer (Wharf)
General Servant
General Servant Domestic
Glass Cutter
Governess (P)
Grocers Assistant
Horse Driver (CM)
House Painter & C
Ivory Button Worker
Laborer At Ironwks
General Laborer
Labourer In Glass Works
Marine Store Dealer
Miner (C)
Nurse (Dom)
Nurse Domestic Servant
Parish Clerk & Carrier
Colliery Agent
Aprentice Butcher
Assistant Pawnbroker
Banksman At Colliery
Boat Boy
Bolt Forge (Maker)
Brewers Traveller
Chapel Keeper
Coal Miner Disabled 4 Yrs
General Serv Nurse
Colliery Labourer
Commercial Clerk To Iron Mercht
Cook Domestic Servant Unemployed
Dom Servt
Drapers Assistant
Dress Maker
Factory Operative
Farm Servant
Furnace Man (Iron)
(D) Servant