Milbourn in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Milbourn
William Milbourn
Thomas Milbourn
George Milbourn
James Milbourn
Robert Milbourn
Henry Milbourn
Charles Milbourn
Edward Milbourn
Edwin Milbourn
Isaac Milbourn
Wm. Milbourn
Ernest Milbourn
Richard Milbourn
Joseph Milbourn
Arthur Milbourn
Albert Milbourn
H... Milbourn
Willm. Milbourn
Geo. Milbourn
Tom Milbourn
Frederick Milbourn
Sidney Milbourn
F.William Milbourn
Mark Milbourn
Alfred Milbourn
Harrey Milbourn
Fredk. Milbourn
Francis Milbourn
Septimus Milbourn

Top female forenames

Mary Milbourn
Elizabeth Milbourn
Hannah Milbourn
Ellen Milbourn
Jane Milbourn
Annie Milbourn
Sarah Milbourn
Alice Milbourn
Emma Milbourn
Margaret Milbourn
Frances Milbourn
Susan Milbourn
Florence Milbourn
Elizth. Milbourn
Martha Milbourn
Eliza Milbourn
Louisa Milbourn
Harriet Milbourn
Ann Milbourn
Susanna Milbourn
Adeline Milbourn
Elizth.A. Milbourn
Eliz. Milbourn
Louis Milbourn
Clara Milbourn
Kezia Milbourn
Caroline Milbourn
Isabella Milbourn
Anne Milbourn
Susannah Milbourn
Susanah Milbourn
Sophia Milbourn
Matilda Milbourn
Elisabeth Milbourn
Lily Milbourn
Catherine Milbourn

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Farmer 79 Acres
French Polisher
Iron Moulder
General Laborer
General Serv Domestic
General Servant
Groom At Bull Stud Stables
Field Work
Formerly Dressmkr
Gen Dom Servt
Gen Servant
Genl Laborer
Governess (Prof)
Farmers Boy (Ag Lab)
Housemaid (Dom Serv)
Inmate L V Asylum
Lab (Gen)
Labourer In Pottery
Lodging Housekeeper
Master Baker
Moulders Wife
Agricultural Labour
Domestic Servant
Baker Master Empl 2 Hands
Boot Maker
Bricklays Lab
Carpenter (Apprentice)
Clerk Unemployed
Coasting Pilot
Cottager 7 Acres (Farmer)
Agricultural Labourer
Dress Maker
Engine Driver
Engineer (E & M)
Factory Labourer (Undef)
Farm Servant
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer Of 113 Acres Employing 12 Men 1 Boy 2 Women