McPherson in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John McPherson
William McPherson
James McPherson
Robert McPherson
Alexander McPherson
Thomas McPherson
George McPherson
Duncan McPherson
David McPherson
Henry McPherson
Malcolm McPherson
Alfred McPherson
Donald McPherson
Frederick McPherson
Charles McPherson
Angus McPherson
Frank McPherson
Daniel McPherson
Francis McPherson
Wm. McPherson
Augustus McPherson
Rowland McPherson
Peter McPherson
Fenton McPherson
Aleck McPherson
Leonard McPherson
Willie McPherson
Bruce McPherson
Walter McPherson
Hugh McPherson
Archibald McPherson
Sydon McPherson
Hamilton McPherson
Anderson McPherson
Robt. McPherson
Alexandra McPherson
Richard McPherson
Alex.H. McPherson
Michael McPherson
Edward McPherson
Macdonald McPherson
Dorothy McPherson
Joseph McPherson
Jno. McPherson
Jame McPherson

Top female forenames

Mary McPherson
Margaret McPherson
Elizabeth McPherson
Jane McPherson
Annie McPherson
Ann McPherson
Isabella McPherson
Ellen McPherson
Sarah McPherson
Hannah McPherson
Catherine McPherson
Eliza McPherson
Agnes McPherson
Harriett McPherson
Christina McPherson
Frances McPherson
Martha McPherson
Jessie McPherson
Lucy McPherson
Prudence McPherson
Caroline McPherson
Kate McPherson
Beatrice McPherson
Katherine McPherson
Barbara McPherson
Marion McPherson
Anna McPherson
Dorothy McPherson
Margarett McPherson
Angelina McPherson
Helen McPherson
Susan McPherson
Constantie McPherson
Harriet McPherson
Christiana McPherson
Louisa McPherson
A. McPherson
Georgina McPherson
Cathrine McPherson
Lavinia McPherson
Flora McPherson
Mealia McPherson
Kathleen McPherson
Esther McPherson
Matilda McPherson
Betsy McPherson
Joyce McPherson
Marjory McPherson
Janet McPherson
Eleanor McPherson

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Marine Engineer
Mantle Maker
Engine Fitter
Shopman In Grocery Business
Domestic Servant
Railway Clerk
Match Box Maker
Shoe Maker
Income From Houses And Dividends
Labourer In Ironworks
General Servant
Labourer General
Gardener (Nd)
Zinc Worker
Gardener (Domestic)
Engine Driver In Factory
Engine Man
Fencing Instructor
Game & Rabbit Dealer
Filer (Lock)
General Serv Domestic
Clerk To A Master Carter
Asst Matron (Munic)
Boot Clicker
Brewers Clerk
Bricklayers Lab
Brokers Man
Cap Front Maker
Colliery Joiner
Colliery Storekeeper
Colliery Storekeeper Wife
Commercial Traveller (Cigar Trade)
Corporal Kent Arty Militia