McNeil in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John McNeil
William McNeil
James McNeil
Charles McNeil
Thomas McNeil
Robert McNeil
Andrew McNeil
Alexander McNeil
Joseph McNeil
George McNeil
Dixon McNeil
Anthony McNeil
Geo McNeil
Francis McNeil
Micheal McNeil
Laud McNeil
Henry McNeil
Geo. McNeil
Walter McNeil
Frederick McNeil
Samuel McNeil
Edward McNeil
Patrick McNeil
Daniel McNeil
Martin McNeil
Archibald McNeil
Angus McNeil
Jas. McNeil
Alfred McNeil
Isaac McNeil
Alem McNeil

Top female forenames

Mary McNeil
Jane McNeil
Margaret McNeil
Catherine McNeil
Elizabeth McNeil
Hannah McNeil
Kate McNeil
Sarah McNeil
Ellen McNeil
Eliza McNeil
Daisy McNeil
Rose McNeil
Annie McNeil
Helen McNeil
Emma McNeil
Maggie McNeil
Louisa McNeil
Agnes McNeil
Marian McNeil
Esther McNeil
Lucy McNeil
Lilian McNeil
Susannah McNeil
Janet McNeil
Isabella McNeil
Rachel McNeil
Ann McNeil
May McNeil
Hariet McNeil
Martha McNeil
Georgina McNeil
Maria McNeil
Edith McNeil
Clara McNeil
Bridget McNeil
Rachle McNeil
Hellen McNeil
Anne McNeil
Mildred McNeil
Harriet McNeil

Top occupations

Farmers Daughter
Commercial Clerk
No Occupation
Waiting Maid
Tailors Assistant
Labourer (General)
Mate 2nd
Marine Engineer (M Serv)
Laundry Work (W)
Laborer In Dye Works
Laborer In Mill (C)
Lath Cutter
Nurse (DS)
Refreshment House Proprietor
Ray Coach Smith At Railway Works
Private Income
Power Loom Weaver
Police Constable
Plasterer Unemployed
Pattern Maker (Art)
Ordinary Seaman
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Housemaid (Dom)
Woolen Draper & Tailor
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant
Clerk Auctioneers Office
Book Sewer
Engineer (Marine)
General Serv Domestic
General Lab
Gen Charwoman
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 128 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmer (Unemployed)
Farm Servent (Indoor)