McNamara in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John McNamara
James McNamara
William McNamara
Michael McNamara
Thomas McNamara
Patrick McNamara
Matthew McNamara
Daniel McNamara
Frank McNamara
Peter McNamara
George McNamara
Jno. McNamara
Martin McNamara
Wm. McNamara
Andrew McNamara
W. McNamara
Henry McNamara
Mathew McNamara
Bryan McNamara
Joseph McNamara
Anthony McNamara
Alfred McNamara
Victor McNamara
Sidney McNamara
Harry McNamara
Roger McNamara
Emmet McNamara
E. McNamara
Charles McNamara
Bernard McNamara
Jas. McNamara
Addis McNamara
Samuel McNamara
Richard McNamara
Francis McNamara
Patsey McNamara
Edward McNamara

Top female forenames

Mary McNamara
Margaret McNamara
Ellen McNamara
Ann McNamara
Elizabeth McNamara
Jane McNamara
Sarah McNamara
Bridget McNamara
Maria McNamara
Kate McNamara
Catherine McNamara
Rose McNamara
Agnes McNamara
E. McNamara
Caroline McNamara
Annie McNamara
M. McNamara
Hannah McNamara
C. McNamara
Matilda McNamara
Hanah McNamara
Bessie McNamara
Florence McNamara
Margarett McNamara
Emily McNamara
Marg. McNamara
Tereasa McNamara
Elenor McNamara
Susan McNamara
Johana McNamara
I. McNamara
Christiana McNamara
Rebecca McNamara
Harriett McNamara
Melinda McNamara
Hanna McNamara
Folinda McNamara
Margret McNamara
Eva McNamara
Alice McNamara
A. McNamara
Eliza McNamara
Susanna McNamara
Johannah McNamara
Edith McNamara
Seelie McNamara
Clara McNamara
Honora McNamara
Miriam McNamara

Top occupations

Private 109th Foot
Worsted Spinner
Bricklayers Labourer
Dress Maker
Cotton Operative
General Servant
Feather Curler
Floor Dresser
Labourer (General)
Worsted Drawer
Button Maker
Errand Boy
Engineer (Marine) (Seaman)
Factory Labourer (No Occ)
Appe Dress Maker
Farm Servant
Formerly (Iron Ore Miners Wife)
Gen Serv
Gen Servant
General Labrr
General Serv
General Serv Domestic
C. Handloom Weaver
Army Pensioner Chelsea
Assistant Housekeeper
Child Of The Above
Bricklayers Laborer
Coach Man
Bricklayers Lab
Corporal (Marine)
Brick Layers Labourer
Daily Laborer
Dock Laborer
Dock Labourer
Domestic Servant
Army Pensr ((Rifle Insr))