Margetson in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Margetson
James Margetson
Robert Margetson
John Margetson
Charles Margetson
Alfred Margetson
George Margetson
Henry Margetson
Abraham Margetson
Edward Margetson
Francis Margetson
Walter Margetson
Edwd. Margetson
Richard Margetson
Arthur Margetson
Paul Margetson
Frederick Margetson
W. Margetson
Herbert Margetson
Edgar Margetson
Harry Margetson
Arnold Margetson
Parker Margetson
Fred Margetson
Wm. Margetson
Albert Margetson
Lionel Margetson
Lawrence Margetson
Ernest Margetson
Syrill Margetson
Stewart Margetson
J. Margetson
Edmund Margetson
Digby Margetson
Harold Margetson
R. Margetson
Fredk.Geo. Margetson
Wm.James Margetson
Matthew Margetson
Frank Margetson
Alan Margetson
Leonora Margetson
Eugene Margetson
Emil Margetson
Sydney Margetson
J.Charles Margetson
Samuel Margetson
Richd. Margetson
David Margetson
Reginald Margetson

Top female forenames

Mary Margetson
Emily Margetson
Elizabeth Margetson
Sarah Margetson
Hannah Margetson
Ann Margetson
Edith Margetson
Jane Margetson
Alice Margetson
Florence Margetson
Annie Margetson
Emma Margetson
Laura Margetson
Ada Margetson
Gertrude Margetson
Charlotte Margetson
Maria Margetson
Susan Margetson
Eliza Margetson
Rosetta Margetson
Amy Margetson
Matilda Margetson
M. Margetson
Louisa Margetson
Eleanor Margetson
Rosa Margetson
Harriet Margetson
Phoebe Margetson
Dorothy Margetson
Minnie Margetson
Clara Margetson
Fanny Margetson
Esther Margetson
Barbara Margetson
Mabel Margetson
Lousia Margetson
Ellen Margetson
Anna Margetson
Lilly Margetson
Eleaner Margetson
Priscilla Margetson
Agnes Margetson
E. Margetson
Mur...l Margetson
Frances Margetson
Constance Margetson
Florance Margetson
Christine Margetson
Martha Margetson
Evelyn Margetson

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ag Labr
Stonemason Builders
Retired Farmer
General Laborer
Dom Serv Gen
Head Gardener
Emigration & Labor Agent
Fancy Box Maker
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Associate Of Mildmay Deaconess Itis ?
General Draughtsman (Artz)
Articled Pupil To Solicitor
General Labourer
Green Grocers Assistant
Groom (8)
Woollen Weaver
Hotel Keeper
Household Servant
Apprentice To Printer
Housemaid Domestic
Ag Labs Wife
Cook Domestic
Carpenter & Joiner
Carver (Inn Serv)
Chelsea Pensioner
Chemist & Dentist
Coachman (Dom)
Coachman D
Builder's Manager
Cotton Cloth Looker
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Winder
Dealer Wife
Dentist Licentiate Of Royal College Of Surgeons England
Dentist Member And Licentiate Of Royal College Of Surgeons Eng
Domestic Serv Ladys Maid