Mabon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Mabon
William Mabon
Walter Mabon
James Mabon
Andrew Mabon
Thomas Mabon
Robert Mabon
Phillip Mabon
Joseph Mabon
David Mabon
Edward Mabon
Charles Mabon
Alexander Mabon
Wm.Thos. Mabon
Thos.W. Mabon
Philip Mabon

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Mabon
Margaret Mabon
Jane Mabon
Mary Mabon
Isabella Mabon
Caroline Mabon
Barbara Mabon
Isabel Mabon
Amelia Mabon
Hannah Mabon
Agnes Mabon
Williamion Mabon
Ethel Mabon
Susan Mabon
Elizh. Mabon
Margt. Mabon
Eliza Mabon
Lousia Mabon
E.J. Mabon
Johanna Mabon
Deborah Mabon
Janet Mabon
Aurelie Mabon
Helena Mabon
Alice Mabon
Gertrude Mabon
Susannah Mabon
Ellen Mabon
Edith Mabon
Louisa Mabon
Dorthy Mabon
Jennet Mabon
Costance Mabon

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Agricult Servt
Engine Fitter
Farm Lab
Police Constable
Retired Plumber
Joiner (E&M)
Orhtopaedic Inst Maker (Surg)
Pattern Maker (E&M)
Plumber & Glazier
Printer Compositor
General Servant
Surgical Instrument Maker (Master Employes 1 Man & 1 Boy)
Tailor & Clothier
Widow Of Surgical Inst Maker
General Laborer
Gardiner Assistant (Dom)
Farm Servant
Engineer (Arty)
Dom Sert
Agricultural Labourer
Agricult Labourer Past Duty
Agricult Labourer
Ag Steward