Knollys in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Knollys
Henry Knollys
Edward Knollys
Reginald Knollys
Francis Knollys
Erskine Knollys
Arthur Knollys
Robert Knollys
James Knollys
Frederick Knollys
F. Knollys
Herbert Knollys
Guy Knollys

Top female forenames

Amicia Knollys
Constance Knollys
Caroline Knollys
Rachel Knollys
Mirabel Knollys
Lois Knollys
Emma Knollys
Eleanor Knollys
Catherine Knollys
Beatrice Knollys
Sophia Knollys
Phillis Knollys
Mary Knollys
Katherine Knollys
Elizabeth Knollys

Top occupations

Articled Clerk Law
Capt Somerset Volunteers Land Agent (Auctr)
Captain Royal Artillery
Clerk In The House Of Commons
District Auditor
Genl In The Army & Gent Usher Of The Black Rod
J.P.For County Of Somerset Land Agent (Auctr)
Lieut And Adjutant
Lieut Col H.P.93 Suther Highr
Lieut Militia
Private Secretary To The Prince Of Wales
Vicar Of Addington
Vicar Wife