Killingley in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Killingley
George Killingley
Thomas Killingley
Robert Killingley
William Killingley
Albert Killingley
Joseph Killingley
Walter Killingley
Charles Killingley
Arthur Killingley
Thos. Killingley
Henry Killingley
Fredrick Killingley
Frank Killingley
Cecil Killingley
Wm. Killingley
Alfred Killingley
Leonard Killingley
Fred Killingley

Top female forenames

Mary Killingley
Elizabeth Killingley
Annie Killingley
Alice Killingley
Martha Killingley
Sarah Killingley
Ann Killingley
Louisa Killingley
Anne Killingley
Lucy Killingley
Gertrude Killingley
Eliza Killingley
Maria Killingley
Lilly Killingley
Kate Killingley
Hannah Killingley
Ellen Killingley
Sophia Killingley
Ruth Killingley
Charlotte Killingley
Amelia Killingley
Lizzie Killingley
Kathleen Killingley
Jane Killingley
Elizth. Killingley

Top occupations

Woollen Weaver
Commision Agent
Farm Laborer
Lace Maker
Lace Manufacturers Book Keeper
Music Teacher
Oil Extracter (Woollen)
Oils Extractor (Woollen)
Oils Extractor Wife
Principal Of Ladies College
Rate Collector Corporation Munic
Shoe Trade Unemployed
Teacher Of Music Musician
Telegraph Engineer App
Woollen Spinner
Dress Maker
Ag Lab Wife
Book Binders Finisher
Brass Bobbin Winder (Lace)
Civil Engineer
Clerk Free Library
Cotton Lace Finisher
Labourer General
Elementary School Teacher (Certi)
General Serv (Dom)
Grazier of 10 Acres
Higgler (Master)
Hosiery Winder
Ag Lab
Knitter (F W K)