Harpur in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Harpur
John Harpur
James Harpur
Thomas Harpur
Samuel Harpur
George Harpur
Henry Harpur
Joseph Harpur
Charles Harpur
Arthur Harpur
Walter Harpur
Harry Harpur
Francis Harpur
David Harpur
Frank Harpur
Ernest Harpur
Jabez Harpur
Horace Harpur
Amos Harpur
Timothy Harpur
Alexr Harpur
Sarah Harpur
Robert Harpur
Fred Harpur
Rees Harpur
Osmond Harpur
Elliott Harpur
Isaac Harpur
Andrew Harpur
W.F. Harpur
Alfred Harpur
H.C. Harpur
Albert Harpur
Frederick Harpur
Richard Harpur
Philip Harpur
Lancelot Harpur
Edward Harpur
Clement Harpur

Top female forenames

Sarah Harpur
Mary Harpur
Elizabeth Harpur
Ann Harpur
Fanny Harpur
Alice Harpur
Annie Harpur
Emma Harpur
Ellen Harpur
Maria Harpur
Gertrude Harpur
Lydia Harpur
Eleanor Harpur
Rose Harpur
Henrietta Harpur
Harriett Harpur
Hannah Harpur
Margaret Harpur
Florence Harpur
Louisa Harpur
Eliza Harpur
Catherine Harpur
Gwladys Harpur
Alina Harpur
Alexandra Harpur
Lilly Harpur
Emily Harpur
Sophia Harpur
Lilian Harpur
S.C. Harpur
Kate Harpur
Constava Harpur
Rebecca Harpur
Caroline Harpur
Matilda Harpur
Martha Harpur
Gwendoline Harpur
Amelia Harpur
Ada Harpur
Lillie Harpur
Katherine Harpur
Rosina Harpur
Jane Harpur
Edith Harpur
Romanda Harpur
Helen Harpur
Mercy Harpur
Harrett Harpur
Augustor Harpur

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farm Laborer
Grocers Assistant
Coal Miner
General Servant
General Laborer
Bricklayers Labourer
Lace Maker (Pillow)
Iron Moulder
House Painter
Wool Knitter
General Serv Domestic
General Serv Domestic (Out Of Employ)
Lace Maker
General Servant (Dom)
Labourer On Corn Market Chamber
Grocer & Draper
Iron Fitter At Works
House Maid
Insurance Agent
Clerk In Holy Orders
Formerly Lace Maker
Brick Layer
Boiler Maker
Boardg House Keeper
Billposter Wife
Assistant Outfitter
Alderman & Contractor
Bricklayers Lab
Civil Engineer & Town Surveyor
Employed At Sewerage Gardens (ND)
Drapers (Clerk)
Curate Of Holy Trinity Church Wavertree
Commercial Clerk
Com Traveller
Coachman & Gardener (D)