Harpour in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Harpour
Percy Harpour
Herbert Harpour
Robert Harpour
Frederick Harpour
Ernest Harpour
Alolphus Harpour
William Harpour
Frank Harpour
Charles Harpour
Albert Harpour

Top female forenames

Adelaide Harpour
Edith Harpour
Kate Harpour
Clara Harpour
Georgina Harpour
Elizabeth Harpour
Violet Harpour
Kathleen Harpour
Helen Harpour
Fanny Harpour
Beatrice Harpour
Ada Harpour
Maude Harpour

Top occupations

Ship Agent (Unemployed)
Pawnbroker Apptce
Office Lad House Agent
Nursery Governess (D)
Deputy Superintendant Board Of Trade Mercantile Marine Dep (Clr)
Clerk In A Bank