Harpley in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Harpley
James Harpley
John Harpley
Thomas Harpley
Robert Harpley
Arthur Harpley
Joseph Harpley
Charles Harpley
Pooley Harpley
Herbert Harpley
George Harpley
D. Harpley
Burton Harpley
Richard Harpley
Alfred Harpley
Patrick Harpley
Henry Harpley
Yousive Harpley
Fredrick Harpley
Thos. Harpley
David Harpley
Samuel Harpley
Richd. Harpley
Matthew Harpley
Edward Harpley

Top female forenames

Mary Harpley
Elizabeth Harpley
Sarah Harpley
Eliza Harpley
Harriet Harpley
Julia Harpley
Alice Harpley
Rebecca Harpley
Lizar Harpley
Harriett Harpley
Agnes Harpley
Anne Harpley
Rosanna Harpley
Flora Harpley
Ada Harpley
May Harpley
Ellen Harpley
Maria Harpley
Edwina Harpley
Margaret Harpley
Clara Harpley
Charlotte Harpley
Susannah Harpley
Jane Harpley
Arabella Harpley
Amelia Harpley
Rosa Harpley
Hariet Harpley
Nelly Harpley
Emma Harpley
Maryann Harpley
Marie Harpley
Eleanor Harpley
Margt. Harpley
Edith Harpley
Lucy Harpley
Christiana Harpley
Catherine Harpley
Sophia Harpley
Isabella Harpley

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers Daughter
Silk Weaver
Field Worker
Dress Maker
Lodging House
General Domestic Serv
General Labourer
General Servant
Governess And Principal (Prof) (Private)
Grocer & Draper
Ladies Maid
Ladys Maid Dom Serv
Licensed Victualler
Gardener Domestic
Mariner Mer Ser
Worsted Weaver
Post Messenger (C S)
Railway Plate Layer
Rector Of Clayhanger
Ag Labourer
Domestic Servant Groom
Builders Wife
Butchers Laborer
Carpenter & Innkeeper
Carpenter Wife
Chemist & Druggist
Clergymans Daur
Clergymans Son
Clergymans Wife
Domestic Servant
Builder Joiner & Carpenter
Brick Setter
Farmer Of 5 A Emp 1 Man
Blockmaker Journeym
Blacksmiths Wife
Fitter Foundry (Iron)
Ganger On Line (Rly)